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Notblueatall’s “Thank Fuck It’s Friday” Music Countdown! (Rockin’ 5 Edition)


The Doves: Kingdome of Rust

Like Coldplay? You will LOVE The Doves! Seriously…I don’t like Colplay at all and even I love the Doves! =0)

I think they have similar quality in songwriting structure and melodies, but something about them is just a step above CP for me. Tell me what you think!

Kingdom Of Rust – Doves

The Thermals: Now We Can See (Sadly not on, but it is on iTunes at the link and worth a listen) A punk sensibility with a rock backbone…what’s not to love?

White Rabbit: It’s Frightening The drums on the opening track “percussion gun” are killer and leave you thoroughly satisfied for a driving rollicking beat! Love it! Good solid rock! Just what the doctor ordered!

It’s Frightening – White Rabbi…

Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Many compare them to The Strokes, but I think a lot of garage rock bands have to fend off the inevitable comparisons of their mainstream bretheren. I hear more originality than the last Strokes album had (no offense to anyone, they’re great and all), but this may have more staying power in my car selections.

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix – Pho…

King Khan & The Shrines “What Is?! The harmonic “Shah la la” gets me everytime I liten to “Welfare Bread”! This album keeps on truckin’! I love that about it (and the band). It/they just keep on keepin’ on; difficult quality to find now days. I…uhh…gotta run…listen to this one again. Later!

What Is?! – King Khan & the Sh…
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