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Notblueatall’s “Thank Fuck It’s Friday” Music Countdown (Punk Edition)


I like doing these countdowns! I hope somebody out there is enjoying them, too. Seriously, COMMENT ALREADY!!!

Because I’m in a mood, applied for a “Music Guru” job and randomly found out about Monique Powell’s new band Mojo Wire (she was the singer of Save Ferris-Love them!!!) and then iTunes magically threw the song “Spam” into my ears I figured I’d go the punk route with this countdown. Plus, punk albums are generally much cheaper then the mainstream stuff…so you could call it a recession-y music countdown, too. AND since no one on Facebook or LiveJournal offered up any suggestions either…Fuck ’em! I’m doing this!

WIZO: German Punk Awesomeness! The album “Uuaarrgh!” is mostly in German (although the CD has the translated lyrics in English, too) but you’ll soon find yoruself bouncing along to lyrics unknown and happily faux-singing or lip synching even though you have no idea what they’re singing about (unless of course you speak German). They do have some songs in English which are great, too…but somehow my not knowing the words makes it more fun. I grew to love this band through exposure since my husband Loves them and has all of the albums (thanks to my gifting over the years, too). Always energetic, witty, funny and even multi-cultural! They just rock and you should listen!

Uuaarrgh! – Wizo

NOFX: the Cali bansed punks are the epitome of modern punk! Always generous with their many witty and humorous songs and albums and always ready to party (or so it seems). Yeah, I came to love them through my husband as well, but I have great respect for a band that starts it’s own label (the now infamous Fat Wreck Chords) and signs other punk bands so all can be treated fairly and not part of the major corporate machine. Rock on! It was hard to choose an album and I could probably never pick one fave song of theirs, but I would have to say that “Punk in Drublic” is the essence of what NOFX is to me! (When I hear “Linoleum” I think of my hubby and I when we first got together!)

Punk In Drublic – NOFX

These Green Eyes: I hadn’t heard of them until today, but I like what I hear and I think you will, too. Definately not like WIZO or NOFX, These Green Eyes are much more melodic and create slightly more pop-traditional song styles. Okay, I like the name, too! I’m a sucker for a good band name AND I have green eyes…win-win! Ha! If you prefer a slightly more mellow vibe in your punk stew then I would go with TGE and their album “Relapse to Recovery.” It’s rare that you can say a punk band had a good singer! Check ’em out!  =0

 Relapse To Recovery – These Gr…Tilt: One of the few punk bands fronted by a female singer! I know, rare! I looked! Also from Fat Wreck Chords (I’m not biased, they just have good bands) and from California’s East Bay! RAWK! I actually haven’t heard an entire album, just tracks on different compilations, but they are good! And you should give them a spin…it won’t hurt! I promise!


 ‘Til It Kills – Tilt Against Me: I’m including these guys for my friend Marc. He turned me on to them last year and they are pretty damned good. I have this album and I like it. Another from Fat Wreck Chords and another semi-aquired taste. I found myself liking them more on the second and third spin. I think it’s important to give some artists more than just one shot, ya know? Check it out!

New Wave – Against Me!

No Use For A Name: Another band from Fat Wreck Chords and another great punk band, too! Perhaps an acquired taste for many, but the song “Chasing Rainbows” is truly a masterpiece in it’s own right and thus the album “More Betterness” hits my list today because it is seriously good. (Okay, and another of my husband’s faves…but you know how it goes when you hear something often enough…) Check them out! (Sorry, couldn’t find an embed for this one, but you can buy the CD for like $5 at the link…worth it! Plus you can hear the whole albumn for free…once!)

 The Hot Melts: I heard this 3 song single awhile ago and I guess I forgot all about it…but upon another listen I remember why I liked it the first time. It’s fun, upbeat and easy on the ears! I would like to hear more from this band, but for now I leave you with “Edith.”

Edith – The Hot Melts


Rancid: Can you have a punk countdown without including Rancid? I don’t think so, so I didn’t chance it! While I’ll admit I haven’t truly kept up with them since I saw them back in…Ugh! 1996?! Wow, I had no idea. But hey, they are rad and from CA and I love this album! Who doesn’t remember when “Time Bomb” and “Ruby SoHo” were on the radio? C’mon, reminisce a little!

L7: One of my favorite albums of all time. Ahh, the good old days! Raw female anger and frustration with chops and power-riffs to prove it! I love L7 and I probably always will! This album is a true classic though. I was recently delighted (and very surprised) to find their would-be hit single “Pretend We’re Dead” on Rock Band 2! Oh yeah, you know I rocked the shit out of that one! But get this album because it’s bad ass!

Bricks Are Heavy – L7

I guess 9 is the lucky number for my Friday music countdowns…who knew? I certainly didn’t plan on it. Ha! But please, listen and tell me what you think of my selections! I wanna know, for real!

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