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Notblueatall’s TFIF Music List: Sad Songs Say So Much


Even though it’s Friday, I’m a bit down. But I do love a good-sad song! So that’s what this list is about, my fave sad songs! Woot!

“Perfect Day” Lou Reed: This song was featured quite prominantly in the film, “Trainspotting.” And it just so happens to be my fave movie of all time. Yeah, seriously!

Perfect Day – Lou Reed

“In The Arms of Sleep” Smashing Pumpkins: I don’t know if this was intended to be the saddest song in the f-ing universe (to me anyhow), but I have spent much time with this song on repeat with a broken heart.  Wow! TMI? My bad. Great song though.

In The Arms Of Sleep – Smashin…

“I’ll Stand By You” The Pretenders: This song always chokes me up. For good reasons and bad, it’s just touching and tender but hints at the dark sides in all of us, too.

I’ll Stand By You – The Preten…

“The Rose” Bette Midler: OMZ! My friend J sings this so well! I always ball my face off when he does it at karaoke! Oh, mah, gawd! Sad song, so beautiful and sweet…and super sad. *sigh*

The Rose – Bette Midler

“Maybe This Time” from Cabaret: Again, dude, seriously? When J does this song, he gets a little catch in his throat at the right moment (what an actor!) and honestly, it kills me every time! It’s a great song. It’s something I think we’ve all felt at some point.

Maybe This Time – Liza Minnell…

What are your fave sad songs?

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