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Notblueatall’s TFIF Music List (It never was a true countdown anyway!)


I’m so sorry I skipped posting last week, darlings. The cafe has been keeping me quite busy and exhausted. But I do enjoy it.

This week is all about new releases! Because new music is a drug best served fresh or at the very least free! Seriously, how awesome is with their listen to anything once for free policy? They rock!

Mika “The Boy Who Knew Too Much”: Love Mika! He is fantabulous! He’s just so fun and carefree and can sing the pants off of…oh, I digress! But I love him! And if you haven’t heard this fine Brit yet, well strap yourself in for a fun ride!

The Boy Who Knew Too Much – Mi…

Harry Connick Jr. “Your Song”: It’s like he knows me, personally! I mean, okay…HCJ? YUM!!! But I will buy anything (almost) with a cover of “Besume Mucho” on it. I just love the song. And with his honey-pipes? Wow! He can make a girl melt, ya know? Yes, it’s a covers album, but no one does covers like Harry! His “Songs I Heard” album is one of my favorite cover albums of all time (maybe even the best ever, period).

Your Songs – Harry Connick Jr.

A Fine Frenzy “Bomb in a Birdcage”: I saw a video from them and realized that I had never heard their music. I’d heard their name, but I must have had them mixed up with another f-f group (fiery furnaces, fleet foxes, etc…).But I love them! I was pleasantly surprised while listening to their album. It’s fairly rare that a band has a unique or memorable sound nowadays…but they do! And I like it, a lot!

Bomb In A Birdcage – A Fine Fr…

Rodrigo y Gabriela “11:11”: Wait? You’ve never heard of them? They rock! I mean, with guitars! They lean towards a more classical style, but it’s the ultimate in modern-classical excursions. Their first album was perfection, but then they come out with another great set? WOW, just wow!

11:11 – Rodrigo y Gabriela

Well, that’s it for now sweetie-darlings. I haven’t had much free time, but I’m hoping to catch a buzz-worthy scary flick this weekend…I’ll be happy to write a review and give you the scoop on how it really was! Hope you all have a fun-relaxing-laughter-inducing weekend. I know I will! =0)

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