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Notblueatall’s TFIF Music Countdown: My Fave Showtunes…sorta


It’s Friday, babies! Aren’t you happy? I certainly am! Whew! Glad the week is over and I am ready to live it up this weekend! (Okay, so tomorrow will consist mostly of working on the cafe…but let’s not think about it.) Tonight I’m taking my nearest and dearest to see Wanda Sykes and I am soooo excited! She’s fantabulous!

I realize that I haven’t done a countdown for awhile and so I felt the need to choose a slightly different theme/genre than per my usual. So I give you this countdown of showtunes…or, well…songs from soundtracks from movies of broadway shows. Does that make sense? I only recently began seeing live musicals (due to my friend J’s amazing talent acting-singing-dancing in them locally) and so have very little experience in that department. But I have watched the films over the years. So here’s my faves!

(In no particular order, of course)

1. “So long Dearie” Barbara Streisand, Hello Dolly: How I love this song?! I dream of learning it and singing it in front of a nightclub crowd. If only I could get that perfect-Streisand-pitch! *sigh* Love the song, love the movie and I am sure it’s incredible live. I grew up on this particular version because my birth-mother loved Ms. Barbra to no end. (Sadly, I coudln’t find a full-free version, but please enjoy thesnippet to grasp the mood of the song):

2. “I’ve got the sun in the mornin’ and the moon at night” Betty Hutton, Annie Get Your Gun: Did you know that Betty Hutton (J’adore!) replaced Judy Garland in the title role of this film due to a sudden illness? And she did an amazing job! To me, there is only one Annie! While the entire soundtrack is c’est manifique, I especially love this grateful ode to the simple things in life! (and seriously, get yourself some Betty Hutton albums, she was incredible!)

3. “Heaven on their minds” Carl Anderson, Jesus Christ Superstar: OMZ! Okay, so this is another one I grew up on…but my opinion and world expanded when I saw my friend J perform this as Judas in our local theatre in JCS! Holy shit! He exploded my poor little brain and made me realize just why it is he loves musicals. The music is funky-70’s-sexy and I love every minute of it! Vocally, the difficulty level is out of this world, but J held his own just as Carl Anderson did back then. Listen, dears and allow yourself to be caught up in the moment of this passion-filled opus.

4. “Maybe” Aileen Quin, Annie: What little girl (or boy) didn’t love Annie back then? My friends and I always tried to act it out and sing the songs. For some reason this song always touched my heart. It always seemed to stick in my head, even over the more popular “Hard Knock Life” and “Tomorrow.” So tender and sweet yet filled with longing and sadness. (I’m Irish, whaddaya want?) Take a listen once more and see if it still sounds as you remember it. (I also love Harry Connick Jr’s version on his “Songs I Heard” album, to die for!)


5. “Pure Imagination” Gene Wilder, Willy Wonka: Another childhood (and adulthood) fave! Ahhh, Gene Wilder!!! I think he’s from Fabulon! Perhaps he’s on the “board of directors” there! Ha-ha! Love it! But seriously, this song stands out and for good reason…it gives you hope and wonder and yet seems a little creepy, too! Perfect for childhood daydreaming and pretend games. (sadly I could not find a full track to share, but we all know this one, right?)

6. “Feed the birds (tuppence a bag)” Julie Andrews, Mary Poppins: Wow! Seems like I grew up on a lot of these old musicals. Oh well, I still love them. I chose this one because it tends to stand out from the rest. I remember a childhood friend that couldn’t stand to watch this part of the film, it freaked her out to no end. I always liked it. It seemed quite different from the more peppy tunes. It gave a sense of harsh realty while allowing Julie Andrews to flex those vocal chords of hers. Love it!

What a trip down that old memory lane, huh?! Well, on that note…I hope you all have a fatabulous weekend, Darlings!

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“Notblueatall’s TFIF Music Countdown: My Fave Showtunes…sorta”

  1. On August 17th, 2009 at 10:40 am P Says:

    I like it. I love Feed the Birds. That is one of my favorite songs from that movie. Why is there not a full ten?

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