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Non-Recap: Body Love Revolutions (Pt.2)


Were you on the call last night? Not sure what I’m talking about? Check it out:

I was, but I also had some technical issues and thus only heard the second half. Well, I was on the call 5 minutes early, even heard Golda getting things set up and ready for us and then she never came back on…that I could hear anyway. I was sitting patiently in my room, glass of wine, on the bed with my ear piece (who likes to hold the phone anyway?) and when I realized that it had been silent for 26 minutes, well, I was bummed. So I hung up and called back and somehow they were in the middle of the interview. Bummer!!!

This is why this is a non-recap. Golda interviewed Substantia Jones and some of her models. What I did hear was delightful. I heard nothing but positive fatty love-goodness and I needed a bit of that last night. The questions at the end were great, too. I am not sure that I will have time to listen to the recording of the interview today, so I apologize for this and hope that I can do a better job next week or perhaps forget trying to recap all together. Ha!


Yesterday was my day off. I usually try to sleep in a bit and get my errands done in the morning and spend the afternoon catching up on the blogs and such and try to squeeze in a tv show or movie I’d saved for such an occasion. Only yesterday? Yesterday was weird, to put it simply. I only slept in an hour (cat decided it was time I get a move on, dammit). Then for some reason I wanted to do my hair differently. What did I do? All I did was part it on the opposite side. Who knew that this would become the beginning of the end of this day for me. Instead of my hair falling in my face and my just flicking it to the side, no, I would flick and more hair would be in my eyes! Duh! It was on the other side now! This was a constant issue as I tried to eat, walk, drive, type, you name it. Silly thing really, but it was there.

Then I was having some underarm and underboob issues (I get these sores/boils/blemishes that get very tender to the touch form time to time) and decided it best I give the gals a day off and put a sports bra on instead of my usual convertible cacique underwire bra. Then I grabbed a fave shirt I hadn’t worn in awhile and pulled a quick look together to go fetch some coffee and get those errands completed. The shirt has a gathering just under the bust, which looks lovely normally, but because my boobages were a bit lower than usual, well, this shirt sort of reflected my hair parting issue, I’d pull the sports bra up and the shirt down and so on and so on and so on…I changed into a t-shirt the moment I got home, but until then and as I went about those errands I felt so self-conscious and uncomfortable! Gah!

Then Trader Joe’s was out of my beloved Newton’s Folly Authentic Draft Cider *sob* and so that was a wasted stop. My bank fed me a line about my not having to incur the upcoming monthly fees and so I spoke with a “banker” (those guys at the desks as poopsed to the tellers up front). As I suspected, it was a line of crap! We will be switching banks by the end of this week and hopefully not incur a single fee. I’ve been banking in the same damned building nearly twenty years. The place keeps changing names (it is currently Chase), but it’s the same people who work there and I’ve had the exact same account and services…why the hell should I have to pay a monthly fee all of a sudden just because their share holders are greedy? (I’ve done the research and despite what you’ve heard it really does boil down to that.) I thanked the nice kid (he had to have been 22 tops) and left. He tried. Oh well.

I finished my errands and headed home. I had some things planned, but none of them panned out. NONE! I tried to keep it together, and I did okay, but after a truly wonky day and then the technical issue with the telesummit call? Well, I was frustrated. Had wanted to hit a movie last night with my BFFs, but that fell through as well. Finally my husband talked me into going out to eat (Denny’s is nice when you’re in the right mood) which helped a lot. In the end the day was a bust and I wanted to hit reset on the whole damned thing! When you’re getting ready to go to bed and all you can do is ask why over and over of yourself or the various choices you made that day? Yeah, the day is through.

I’m better today, hair is parted properly and as per usual, I’m comfortable and all…I’m now stressed out because I get that way sometimes. I’m okay though. And I feel like I’m not alone in yesterday’s weirdness. I saw quite a few of my friends/fellow fat bloggers saying similar things. I wish we could hug each other and reassure one another. I wanted to post something on my Twitter about it, but in the end I fell silent. I felt I could offer nothing. Not even comfort. That is so unlike me! Ha-ha!

If your February started off in a strange way, you’re not alone. I feel for you! What can we do to make it better?


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“Non-Recap: Body Love Revolutions (Pt.2)”

  1. On February 2nd, 2011 at 2:19 pm Theresa Says:

    Woah! I thought it was just me! My brother had a rabid raccoon chase him off of his porch last night and we both went to work this morning only to find out our jobs were closed today. I went to the market and promptly locked my keys in my truck, after I found out the store was opening an hour and a half later than usual.

    I blame the new moon.

  2. On February 2nd, 2011 at 2:21 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Oh wow! That is a shitty day, indeed! The new moon, you say? Hmm…Yes! Let’s blame it on this new moon happening! =0)

  3. On February 2nd, 2011 at 2:59 pm sabrina Says:

    i’m sorry about your craptastic day, i hope today is much much better! also, banks suck. so do bad hair days. i’m glad you at least got to listen to a little bit of the fatty love! i asked a question at the end and was sooo nervous! 🙂

  4. On February 2nd, 2011 at 3:09 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    That was you?! Wow! You’re so brave! Today actually, kind of, sucks, too…But I’m almost done with my work day so it has to get better, right?! Thanks!

  5. On February 2nd, 2011 at 7:57 pm sabrina Says:

    boo for sucky day #2! do you drink? a glass of wine might be just what you need. here’s hoping tomorrow is delightful for you!

  6. On February 2nd, 2011 at 8:45 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    I do drink, but I didn’t end up having wine this evening. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. On February 2nd, 2011 at 8:37 pm Lady ATX Says:

    OMG–I get those underboob things too! (Sorry if that is TMI.) Does anyone have a solution for those pesky things???
    I understand about the day of suck–it has actually been a week of suck for me. Freakish cold temperatures are happening(It was 80 degrees here on Sunday and 25 degrees today.) The temperatures have been filling my hair and clothes full of static electricity and I spent most of today trying to keep my hair from floating around my face. Sigh.
    Here’s to better things!!!!

  8. On February 2nd, 2011 at 8:51 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Don’t believe that there is a good solution and I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’m part of a community on livejournal for Hidradenitis suppurativa and I do believe that that is what I have. Check it out:
    Oh! I feel ya on the tickly hair business. Hate that! Bummer about the weather. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping it all goes back to whatever normal is soon!

  9. On February 2nd, 2011 at 9:25 pm Lady ATX Says:

    I truly never knew this condition had a name. Thank you so very much for that link!
    I am wishing lots of good karma and fairy sparkles your way for a good deed done!

  10. On February 3rd, 2011 at 9:53 am Not Blue at All Says:

    You’re very welcome. I hadn’t either until someone mentioned it in the fatshionista com on lj. And thanks for the karma & sprinkles, need those! <3

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