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“No Recess”


Last Friday as I was rubbing the sleepy dust from my eyes and stepping into my own bathroom (which is still awesome, I must say), I heard a familiar but nearly forgotten sound. At first I thought something might be wrong, the volume being higher than the typical neighborhood din. And then I recognized it: The sound of RECESS!!!

You see my new place backs to an elementary school. I had first thought that this is cool since I’d have immediate access to basketball courts and open blacktopped areas (for trying out my new bike which I need a new tube for). But now? Now I am elated at the sounds coming from such a large group of small children. I like kids, but generally don’t love them all or need to hold them to my bosom or anything.

This sound last Friday struck my ears in a wholly new way. I realized why it made me smile and helped me wake up and look forward to my day. The simple concept of recess is one cherished by all school aged kids. When it rains and they can’t go outside to play, major bummer times, yo! And I suddenly understood completely what separates us (adults) from them.

It’s so simple and obvious I was surprised it took me awhile to identify. But I did and I have come to a conclusion. Those kids sounded the way they did at recess because they laugh and scream on a whim, whenever the moment grabs them! No filters, no self-consciousness, no concern for being judged or punished for being noisy or running…because it’s fucking recess!!!

I have come to embrace the concept and practice of silly. Now I need to get working on the concepts and practice of recess! We should all find like ten minutes to be totally free each day. I know that sounds impossible, but I’ve chosen my five minute shower and proceeding dry off time as THE time to be silly and funny, cut loose and be weird. It rocks! It is how life should be, I think. I may need to get a little radio or iPod dock for my bathroom to assist me in these special moments, but certainly the soundtrack of recess just outside the window is helping to set the mood.

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““No Recess””

  1. On February 17th, 2012 at 1:27 pm Twistie Says:

    The wonders of recess cannot be overrated, m’dear. Don’t let yourself forget that again!

    Now let’s go make fart noises with our armpits and climb the jungle gym.

  2. On February 17th, 2012 at 2:19 pm Claire Says:

    Love this, definitely an idea to embrace! 🙂

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