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News & Notables: WTF is going on in the world?!


Lou Albano Dies at age 76:|main|dl5|link4|

A simple typo wipes out the internet for Swedes:|main|dl5|link6|

Odd change for Kellog’s Corn Flakes:|main|dl4|link6|

Very cool (I love Yoko Ono!):

Lady Gaga performs Lennon’s “Imagine” for HRC dinner: and gives a speech before the big equality march in D.C.

yokoono: Dear @ladygaga Thank you for singing IMAGINE. Hearing that made me choke up. You are so beautiful! In Sisterhood and love, yoko

 Possible NEW Da Vinci find:

Brutal NYC Gay Bashing caught on video, defense’s attorney claims self defense:

Do you watch your local news? Is this your only source for world and local news? I suggest a short fasting of all news outlets. Then, ease yourself back into it by watching BBC World News (on PBS and BBC America). It’s amazing how small our country can feel when you hear what’s going on in the rest of the world.

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