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News and Notables: WTF Is Going On In The World?!


I read a lot and a good majority of what I read is online. So I figured it’d be more fun if I share the crap that I find news worthy, notable or humorous. So, yeah…here:

Oh, hate them, but I’m ready for the price wars! Walmart to offer low-cost wireless service nationwide:|main|dl3|link4|

Coke screwing us all again with more marketting BS! This “new” product (smaller, 90 calorie, cans launched) is just another item to add to those 100 calorie packs buying people who count everything they consume. Seriously? Seek help! Knowledge is power, but you can go too far!|main|dl3|link6|

WTF?! Bus Driver suspended for wearing pink tie in support of breast cancer awareness:|main|dl4|link5| But did he still lose a day’s pay???

Whatta ya know! Hillary Rodham-Clinton more popular than ever!

Bram Stoker’s Great-Grand Nephew co-writes sequel to classic “Dracula” tale. Gee, I wonder why he’d wanna do that ($$$$)?|main|dl4|link6|

“Paranormal Activity” turning adults into weepy babies: I love this! It was a great horror flick. It does stick with you, but I didn’t cry! But maybe I’m desensitized.

Impossibly Beautiful? Yep!

Hot deals on Avon cosmetics:|main|dl6|link3| If you’re into that sort of thang.

Watch the hottest trailers for upcoming movies (including Heath Ledger’s last film):|main|dl8|link4|

The Unicorn Code: So fabulous! (Also, the comments are funny!)

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