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“…Never Wanted Me to Die”


This article has me fully upset:|main|dl6|link3|

Basically, this woman lost 60lbs after her divorce. There’s a before & after pic, no biggie. What struck me was this bit:

Breaking Point: In September of 2009, I realized that I was ready to get out and date again, but I knew I had to make some big changes before I could re-enter the dating pool. My son also made the comment to me that struck a chord: He told me that he never wanted me to die. That was it — I knew I had to do something.

Okay, seriously? You’re going to die! We all are! How nuts is this? If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, I would imagine that you grasp the fact that I am fat and am a part of the ever so popular fat acceptance movement and believe in HAES (Heath At Every Size). To read this lady’s story and that specific quote just made me angry. I mean, no kid wants their parents to die. No one wants to die (generally speaking). Yet somehow that is what pushed her towards her weight loss goals? Ugh!

I’m disappointed in this story. She doesn’t mention health. She mentions all of the things that create unhealthful habits: calorie counting, food journals and another cliche: shopping! WTF?! Look, if she’s happy, great. I get it! We all wanna be happy, but sometimes, some of us, we’re happy the way we are! Anyone can be, but when the world tells you that you don’t fit in or look a certain way, well, if you buy into that I can understand how burdensome that can feel. Yet I managed to break free of that vicious cycle. A lot of fats have. Health should have been her focus, dammit and while I know it’s her perogotive to do what she wants (I fully support the choice), I just wish her weight loss wasn’t the focus of the story.

I truly wanted to read a story about a woman who got through a divorce, found herself worth and decided to simply live better. You don’t have to get all obsessive about food and weight loss and all of that. You can enjoy your life and have fun doing it all and maybe you’ll lose weight, too. If your body wants it, it will happen. But seriously?

Ugh! Okay, I have nothing more to say on this…die

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