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My Lolligoth Dream Come True!


So, I’d been eyeballin’ some lolligoth styles for ages. I love the frilly and cute mixed with the dark and snarky. It’s why my favorite comic book is “Lenore” by Roman Dirge and why I’m both sun-shiney and TMI and hilarious! So, when I told my dear friend Raven that I was going to a fancy dress tea party she said, “Ooh!” and ran out of the room and came back with several dresses for me to try on…or so I thought!

No, Raven doesn’t fuck around! She had me try on (dare I say Made Me? LOL) about six different dresses of varying lolli and/or gothness. The first one I tried on was the winner though…it was straight out of my dreams! Frilly and lovely and fluffy and black and white! LOVE IT! So I knew I needed a mini top hat to complete this ensemble and went home to put this, my first endeavor into non-Halloween costuming, together and ready for action.

I would have usually turned down an invite to a party where I would know next to no one, but fancy dress + tea party? Well, it was downright irresistible! And I wanted to get to know the gal who invited me (I’m friends with her boyfriend and they are so awesome together). So, I set my anxiety aside and accepted the invitation without a second thought.

Then I just got plain old excited! Especially after Raven straight-up gifted me all the dresses ever! OMZ! She’s probably sick of my thanking her. Ha! As I got dressed and put on my black teggings, bloomers, petticoat and finally the dress and my pearls, I was transformed into this doll-like vision of lolligothness! I love it!

Can’t really see ’em in this pic, but I have hot pink and white striped bloomers from Size Queen underneath my dress (no idea where purchased or brand, sorry) and you can totally see them when I’m walking/standing. They are perfection! Also, note my favorite wing tip doc martens. 😉

Close up of my adorbz hat (it’s on a headband and purchased at Party City for $10) and make up. Had wanted to do waaaay more, like eye liner and beauty marks and sparkles and shit, but ran out of time.

So…yeah! Here I am and the costume was a hit and now I want every excuse in the land to don it all over again! Please? 😉

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“My Lolligoth Dream Come True!”

  1. On February 12th, 2013 at 2:04 pm Laura (dusty_rose) Says:

    Awesome! That sounds like a fun party, and I love the whole outfit. 🙂

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