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My First NAAFA Conference (Part 2: Movin’ it!)


Fat People Can MOVE!!!

This is what I learned (okay, I totes already knew!) this past weekend. Not only can fat people move, but they enjoy movement! They shimmy, shake, dance and sweat and all whilst smiling ear to ear! I was among them, but certainly not the best of them. Ha! If you’ve read this blog for more than a couple of posts then you already know that I love to dance and am hooked on it! I had such a wonderful time at the NAAFA conference and spent a great portion of it MOVIN’!!!

Let’s see, the first night there was the dance party, but just before that the lovely Raks Africa performed a fantastic number and you know I couldn’t stop smiling! I danced the night away with some incredible people and had such a blast! We shook it and bumped it and got our collective grooves on while Pam The Funktress kept the beats going with classic 70’s, 80’s and (you know my fave) 90’s hits!  I would take a break and a sip of Cabernet and she would pop on another tune and I couldn’t stop moving! So awesome! (I even ended up showing a new friend the Roger Rabit and Robocop…those are ancient dance moves, children.)

The next day I was delighted to try my first water aerobics class and sort of loved it! Though I will say that it’s more difficult than it appears, but very easily and openly adjustable for all abilities and sizes. Woo! Did I mention how fun it was? Super! And honestly, to be in a pool with other proud fatties was just lovely.

That same night was a fatshion show and auction. “If I was a rich girl…” was playing in my head because I wanted ALLTHEDRESSES!!! The lovely FFE models were there to werk the runway and the styles and later showed those in attendance how to do “The Wobble.” There was also a belly dance performance that was part pirate and part steam punk and full of awesome.

Sunday was action packed! I hula-hooped, there was aerobic-dancing to disco in the hallway and a trampoline…and the next day I’m sore am still shocked at how hard it was to hula hoop! It used to be effortless when I was kid, damn! Ha-ha! It was mega fun to try though. I imagine it would have been better had I not just eaten a full lunch. Bah! Then I attenden Jeanette De Patie’s Dance around the world party…FUN! She had us moving and shaking and sweating! I loved every minute of it! She even included two songs that reminded me of my childhood and my grandma (The Clancy Brothers!).

That evening after dinner was a talent show. I had signed up for karaoke (though after much much much hesitation), but lucked out and didn’t end up singing. Whew! But I did get up with my fave gals for the “Cupid Shuffle” for all to see. Ha-ha! So much fun!

Here I am the following day and I am sore in places I forgot one could be sore in…but it was so worth it! I haven’t had so much fun in a very long time. More, please!!! <3

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“My First NAAFA Conference (Part 2: Movin’ it!)”

  1. On August 9th, 2012 at 11:48 am Veronica Says:

    Sounds like an *amazing* time!

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