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My Big Fat Weekend + Huge Tonight!


I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I did, for the most part. The only real bummer was that I was supposed to meet up with the guys in my would-be band again on Saturday (one had to cancel last Saturday) and this time, the other canceled. Bah! I’m near ready to give up on them, but not on me. *sticks tongue out at the universe*

Saturday after work I took a very long nap. I needed it! Oh my goodness did I need it!  Ha-ha! Then we headed over to my good friend Q’s house to help her decorate pigeons for “Pigeonopolis” for her Burning Man trip. It was lots of fun! I had no plan in mind for my pigeon, but I used a palette of purples and magenta with some green and gold glitter. I think she said it reminded her of Kabuki make-up. Ha! I love it! It was so interesting to see how different each of our pigeons came out (6 total). Q & J put LEDs for the eyes of their pigeons…tre` chic!

Sunday was full of activity! Slept in and needed that, too! Then coffee & food! Later I headed over to Oakland (about an hour’s drive for me) for Big Moves Bay Area’s Cupcake & Muffin Tops V.2 which was fattabulous! How to describe? I usually tell people it’s like a fat-gal thrift store without the racks. I think it’s more than that though. Visually, picture long tables with large heaps of clothing covering them. Tons of fatties in all manner of fabulous fashions (seriously! They made it hard to look for clothes when they were wearing the cutest stuff ever!) chatting and searching and trying on clothes to purchase for very little cash but all proceeds go to Big Moves. Yeah, Rad! I know! I had meant to take pictures and be social and chatty and my bubbly self, but I don’t know what happened. I walked in all smiles and started chatting to all of the lovelies, but then I sort of lost my fire somewhere along the way. Maybe it was the pile of denim capris that didn’t fit. Hmmm. I will say that it was again an incredible experience to try on clothing in a changing room of all fats! And not just one type of fat, but all types of fats! And everyone was so sweet and positive and full of compliments. It was a bit of a Utopian sort of event. I enjoyed it, but sadly grew shy and quiet by the time I was ready to leave. I did run into some lovely fats I’d only met recently, including the effervescent Marilyn Wann! She was wearing this lovely short black tank-dress, too. I should have asked to take a pic with her, but I spaced and chickened out simultaneously. Ha-ha! I was seriously stoked on my way up and excited to meet more fats! I don’t know what happened. I think my shopping high died and that with the heat of the day just left me a bit wilty.

When I got home my wonderful husband and I made brownies for my sister’s b-day. I threw together a quick gift bag for her and we attended to various puppy & house duties. Later we stopped by her place for the b-day love & goodies. I was so relieved that she liked everything I got her. I just never know. And her place was super cute! Her friends were cool & funny. I had a fab time! It is amazing to see my little sister all grown up though. I mean, wow! She’s a woman! We’re 9 years apart and had fallen out of touch (so to speak, long story) and hadn’t seen each other for nearly four years. So you can imagine what it was like for me to walk in and see this completely different person than I knew growing up. You know? Ha-ha! I am so glad that we’re back in touch and have vowed to never let anything change that again.

All in all it was a bunch of good times!  And if you’re watching Huge on ABC family, tonight’s the finale! I know, so sad. But we have to actually demand a second season! We have to let ABC Family KNOW that we want to see gorgeous fats on t.v. Check out Lesley Kinzel’s post about what you can do:

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