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I have never had the pleasure of celebrating Pi Day before today. What a shame because truly, it is fun and awesome! As the Director of Happiness, I made sure to get pies for my office to properly celebrate this fine day…3/14, Pi, yo! People were blown away! They loved the spontaneity and silliness of it all, not to mention the geekiness of a math based holiday. Awww yeah! A lot of people hadn’t heard of it and thought it was Pie Day, but I was all too ready to inform and have a good laugh. It was such a hit!

579226_10151939367051078_374440614_nMy workplace is so cool and sometimes straight up surreal! Like today when I looked out the windows of the front lobby and saw someone riding a horse up the street. Yup! It happens. Ha-ha! It’s a bit odd, the silicon valley. My office building is up in the hills behind Stanford University/Hospital. Tesla has offices across the street. But it’s surrounded by horse ranches. Oh! And I get to hang out with dogs…All the dogs! They are the best coworkers. They don’t judge or talk behind your back or anything. They just do their job. What? They have a job! Looking cute and being snuggly, duh! 
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Plus, today is Friday!!! Ohmyglob! This was such a long week! I could not be happier that today is the end of it. While my fella has been working extra hard this week he did make a special exception to see me last night. Maybe that’s why I’m in such a good mood? Not like that! (Get yo mind outta the gutter!) He’s just…the sweetest! We went to Red Robin for burgers and I dunno, we just talk and laugh a lot. 
This weekend I plan on doing very little, thank the stars! I did my laundry last night so I’m all set there. Sunday morning I’m having breakfast with two of my bffs, followed by mani-pedis! Woot! I cannot wait! I need a pedicure in a bad way and I just ordered some sandals online! The weather has been begging for it, though I’m sure the rain will return when my sandals arrive, but no biggie. I know I’ll get good use out of them. I actually received them yesterday but they run big and I need to go down a size. They seem good for wide feet, but not super wide. The reviews have lots of tips though, so check it out if you’re looking for simple, durable, wearable sandals. 
Yesterday a sweet coworker gave all of the admins little bunches of daffodils. They were all closed up yesterday but this morning when I cam in they were fully open and so gorgeous! They’ve been such a mood lifter, if I wasn’t already on top of the world! I’ll be taking them home so they don’t wilt and die over the weekend. I know they never last long, but hey, I’m also wearing yellow today so it’s just a great vibe we’ve got going on here! 😉
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend filled with whatever wonderful things you want! 


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