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Music Review: New Whitney Houston “I Look To You”


Meh! I totally get that she’s trying to stick to what she does and is known for (musically that is) best, but…really? Is this it? Okay, she’s been through a lot (haven’t we all lately?) and some uplifting lyrics for inspiration and strength…I get it. But…I don’t! I mean, I was expecting a full-impact sort of comeback for Ms. Houston, not this! The title track to her fothcoming album (Sept.) “I Look To You” is well, lackluster at best. And yes, this from me, who has been waiting for her (and MJ’s) comeback for ages with hopeful optimism and not an ounce of shame. You can hear the track (and apparently download it if you feel the need) here:
Me? I’ll “look to” her other tracks and hope that this isn’t in fact her first single from the album. I was hoping for the power pop of her earlier years when she made me dance in my pants! Best wishes on that Whitney…I still love you.

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