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Okay, I just typed into my browser: and it began playing my favorite Portishead song “All Mine” and it said that next would be Silversun Pickups…WTF?! I have never even seen this web site before. Heard of it, sure, but how could it just know what I love? Spooky!!!

So today I wanted to post about songs that I am or have been obsessed with. These are tracks that get the repeat button hoppin’ and endlessly loop until I’m either sick of them or I have absorbed all I can at that time and must move on. I’m not alone in this, right? Whether it’s a new pop single that is so sticky-sweet you secretly listen to it in your car alone or your fave band’s latest, some songs just stick in there and refuse to leave until they’ve been properly excorcized!

Pearl Jam “Just Breathe”: Oh my gawd, I cannot get enough of this song! I often sit in traffic and look into the sky and watch the birds fly around or the trees sway to this song and it just makes me feel so good. A far cry from their “Evenflow” days, but this song is beautiful and sweet and tender and a little sad and it’s just pure perfection! (Their new album “Backspacer” is fantastic, too!)

Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”: Because watching her videos is often more fun and exciting than just listening to her music. But this song? It (to me) is one of the greatest songs ever written. While it’s not intellectually stimulating, it does happen to activate a certain other part of my brain that I appreciate and enjoy. And I can listen to this song on repeat and never get sick of it! I sing a long (I’m a free bitch, baby!) and scream it and whisper it and it just doesn’t get old for me. The video is a masterpiece of art! I love it, I love the song and I love GAGA! (I could make 100 short films all with this song as the soundtrack and all would be slightly if not entirely different.)

Shiny Toy Guns “Le Disko”: THIS! This song, oh I love this song! While their album had such potential, it was an overall disappointment. But I have listened to nothing but this song for weeks and I love it still! It’s electro-goth perfection! I want to cover this song, but change it up and make it a little darker and more dramatic. It just makes me wanna dance and sing and rock the fuck out in a very gothish way. Ha-ha!

The Gossip “Love Long Distance”: This is my fave song off their “Music for Men” album, although I get stuck on other tracks for awhile, I always go back to this one. I love it so much a friend of mine made me a custom karaoke track so I could sing it…and I do! I may not be Beth Ditto, but damn do I love singing this song! Especially the “You’re makin’ me crazy…” part! Oh the best!!! (One hell of a cute video, too…and they’re filming a video for “Pop Goes The World” right now!!! Woot!) You should seriously own this album by now!

Salt ‘N Pepa “Shoop”: A blast from the past for sure, but a tried and true classic for my personal soundtrack. I’m sort of re-aquainting myself with my fave rappers of all time (for real!). They were fresh and fierce and I just loved them. The first thing I bought with my paper route money at age 11? Their “Hot Cool & Vicious” cassette! Oh yeah! I remember when this video premiered, I was working at Contempo Casuals (Ha!) and we had a lot of those striped tees and bodysuits and everyone was buyin’ ’em up! And those sock hats? Loved them! I love the second verse, the best in the entire song! Maybe even their entire catalog! Ha-ha! (And don’t tell anyone, but I did sing this one at karaoke this week! So embarrassing!)

Ummm, you’re packed and you’re stacked ‘specially in the back
Brother, wanna thank your mother for a butt like that
Can I get some fries with that shake-shake boobie?
If looks could kill you would be an uzi
You’re a shotgun – bang! What’s up with that thang?
I wanna know how does it hang? Straight up, wait up, hold up,
Mr. Lover Like Prince said you’re a sexy mutha-
Well-a, I like ’em real wild, b-boy style by the mile
Smooth black skin with a smile
Bright as the sun, I wanna have some fun
Come (come) and (hmmm) give me some of that yum-yum
Chocolate chip, honey dip, can I get a scoop? (please)
Baby, take a ride in my coupe, you make me wanna… “

What songs are you obsessing over? Tell me all about it!

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