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Mixed Feelings on Rosie


After now watching a couple of more episodes of Rosie O’Donnell’s new show I am not so sure she is self-accepting or representing us fatties. The second episode featured Wanda Sykes and Gloria Estefan. I love Wanda like nobody’s business. She is such an amazing woman and hilarious to boot! And I was just saying the other day, “I wonder what Gloria Estefan is doing right now?” I’m random like that…did you just get here? Ha-ha! But seriously, Gloria was talking with Rosie and insisting that she will teach her to wear Spanx and Rosie seemed very enthusiastic. While I disagree with Ms. Estefan’s insistance that they add protection when using public restrooms <she said you don’t need a toilet seat protector when you wear the kind with snaps in the crotch which I find disgusting because then you’re just absorbing whatever’s on that seat onto your Spanx. Ugh!> but the fact that Rosie sounds excites pissed me right off. The previous episode NOT wearing Spanx was something she was proud of and stood up for. Was she just being nice? Ugh! In that same episode, during her opening stand-up, she began taking questions from the audience who asked what would be her own Ben and Jerry’s creation. To which she said it already existed and it’s “Chubby Hubby” and how “that’s not great for my diet.” WTF?!

In last night’s episode <I’m watching them after my husband goes to bed>, Roseanne Barr was her guest and damn do I love her, too! And she looked amazing! She tells it like it is, always. That is what I aspire to be, man. Just straight up honest, no matter the audience. It’s liberating! And fortunately there was no fat talk what so ever. There was menopause talk, which I think is great because it’s still such a taboo topic which is hella bullshit, but Rosie and Roseanne now use the bio-identical, plant derived, hormone cream. I don’t know enough to have an opinion on the subject, but I like that they talked about it. Oh, but in the opening Rosie was talking about Chaz Bono’s performance on Dancing With The Stars, saying how fit he is and how he ran up these stairs in the performance and how she could never do that, “I’m not fit” she said plainly. I find this interesting because Chaz appears to be bigger than Rosie. Rosie thinks Chaz is more fit than she. It’s a tiny hint of radical in it’s way. To say a fat body can be fit! It can! But it’s rare to hear that on television.

What bothers me now is Rosie’s outfits. It may be a comfort thing for her, it may be a pressure to cover up thing, I don’t know, but the shapeless black swaths of fabric she’s been wearing are bumming me out. Look, I get it, she is a mom of four and if not for having to appear in front of cameras would be a lovely butch in a t-shirt, jeans and crocs. I prefer her this way. She seems more truly herself. So, why not incorporate some of those elements into her wardrobe for the show? You may think this tacky, but I think you can get pretty fucking creative with that shit. Look at Ellen! She’s not into getting all glammed up, but she’s found a way to work her wardrobe to her taste and still be presentable and herself. I want to see this in Rosie’s wardrobe. She’s too great a person to be hiding behind such ugly fashions. I think some indie designers could tackle this and knock her socks off, and mine! Allow her to be comfortable with just a touch of something to step up the look. Not all fat gals can accessorize, mind you, but I think she’s got a staff for that shit, right?!

I am disappointed on the fatty front. I will keep watching though. I want to see how her show evolves as there are bound to be changes. She reads her reviews and celebrates, very openly, the positive ones. I’ve said little about the show itself, mostly because I like it. I am not so into her Game Show bits at the end, but I’m not turning them off either. So something must be right. I love her band and it’s leader/vocalist Katrice. She wrote “Dick in a Box!” The show is good. I just wish she’d end the body hate and just own her glorious fat body. She seems to appreciate and celebrate all people, I hope she can soon find a way to love herself, just as she is, right now. Fat, fabulous and funny!

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“Mixed Feelings on Rosie”

  1. On October 13th, 2011 at 11:43 am Twistie Says:

    You know, it’s probably extra hard to be a self-loving fattie when you work in the entertainment industry. And it’s extra hard to fight on the queer side AND the body love side at the same time. She could probably use some encouragement in the body love and Spanx avoidance.

    Oh, and Gloria? EW! You sit in the pee and then keep wearing the same things that were soaking up the pee and you think that’s HELPING keep you clean and sanitary?????? Girl, what the fuck are you smoking? I need to know so I never, ever, EVER go within three city blocks of that shit, because it is FUCKING YOU UP!!!!

    I think it’s awesomely radical that Rosie said that about Chaz being fitter than her, because I do think he’s larger than she is, and it’s great to know that someone’s mind was probably blown by that single sentence.

    As for style, most celebrities have professional stylists for their personal appearances and to dress them for their talk shows, etc. If Rosie’s is putting her in nothing but shapeless black, it’s time for a new stylist. Even if Rosie prefers wearing black and doesn’t want to go glam or girly (which I can’t imagine her seriously wanting to do on her own), the right stylist would find clothes that are cut better, work in some touches of other colors, and figure out great accessories so that what she’d wind up with is a fabulous butch black wardrobe, rather than the latest in random-cover-you-up-wear by Omar the Tentmaker.

    Seriously, she should find out who styles Ellen and poach her/him. As you say, Ellen has an immediately recognizable style that’s in no way formal or girly, but looks super sharp whether she’s rocking menswear or a sweater and jeans. It’s about line, it’s about detail, and it’s about bringing out the personality of the wearer.

    I say send love for the body love, so she knows she’s got support from the troops, as it were. It really sounds like she’s wanting to be one of us, but could use some encouragement from fans.

  2. On October 13th, 2011 at 11:51 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Twistie: YES!!! I am going to write her about the body stuff. And she does have a stylist or three. Her hair is obviously not done by her, or her make up. I doubt she’s picking this stuff over other clothing that would be offered. I imagine, ’cause that’s all I can do, that she honestly doesn’t care and just wears whatever. BUT yeah she could rock some cute tees with vests or jewelry or whatever, I know she could. I don’t know her comfort level there, but it seems that she leans very casual over all, outside of the cameras that is. I am all about finding your unique style or incorporating it into other occasional wear. My style icons are Frida Kahlo and Diane Keaton and L7 and Drew Barrymore and Cyndi Lauper! Obviously more creative/funky types, but I have my own splashes here and there. I just know Rosie will find her groove, eventually.

  3. On October 13th, 2011 at 1:52 pm Patsy Nevins Says:

    Unfortunately, Rosie’s self-esteem & body image could use a lot of work. She may not be quite as self-hating as Oprah, but she is not really fat positive. She does seem to vacillate, not quite sure whether she is going to be out & proud as a fat person as she is as a gay person. She has a website/blog & used to sell t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. I bought one tee a few years ago because it supported the work she does helping kids. I would check occasionally & after awhile there was less & less stuff, virtually nothing that I liked, & it seemed as if she went from offering tees up to 6X to barely offering anything to 2X.

    And Estafan must be on crack or some damn thing to suggest that Spanx keeps you more ‘sanitary’ in public toilets. I don’t wear bodysuits or teddies because of crotch snaps. I have cerebral palsy & arthritis, I also have a big belly & short arms, as well as bladder control issues & a need to go to the bathroom often, so I cannot be bothering with ANY garment which needs me to snap & unsnap the crotch when I go. I tried one teddy once & the first time I went to the bathroom, I unsnapped the damn thing & the back of the teddy snapped up somewhere around my waist in the back & I could NEVER reach to pull it down & fasten it again. No thanks, Rosie & Gloria. And No thanks, Lane Bryant, while we are about it.

  4. On October 13th, 2011 at 1:56 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Patsy: Yeah, she does seem to teeter on the acceptance fence a bit. And yeah, I’ve never even tried anything with crotch snaps, so you are much more brave than I. Ha-ha.

  5. On October 13th, 2011 at 3:49 pm thirtiesgirl Says:

    Ok, truth telling time. I hate to admit this, but back in the day when Rosie had her first talk show on tv, I used to watch it. I was a poor young adult in her mid-20s, recently out of college, and living with my almost-as-poor college/post-college boyfriend in a 1-bedroom apartment we could barely afford. To save money, we cut out all but very basic cable tv, getting the local channels only. I’d quit my $7/hour receptionist job (which was all I could find, even with a college degree) to take some practical computer skills courses that were only offered during the day to help me better my chances in the job market. So I was usually home by 3 or 4 p.m. every day…just in time to catch Rosie on tv. It kind of became a relaxation ritual for me during that time. And what I learned by watching her is that Rosie tends to gush about everything. EVERYTHING. One day she’s talking about Tom Cruise and how he’s the hottest guy since ever. The next day, she has another male movie star on the show, and she’s gushing over him as well, and everything that comes out of his mouth. Like she’d never said the exact same things about Tom Cruise on her show the day before. It’s like she wants to be everyone’s pal, have everyone love her and she’ll say whatever it takes to keep her ratings up and keep audiences happy. …Which is why I’d guess she’s talking about size positive issues on one show, and then gushing about Gloria Estefan’s opinions on Spanx on the next show.

    I’d love it if Rosie (or any media celebrity) would really back up issues of size acceptance and not do it in a half-hearted way. But I think the reality of that happening is still slim to none. Although I think it’s a great idea to let Rosie know that some of us are looking to her to stand up for size acceptance, not let it fall by the wayside, and don’t do it in a half-hearted manner.

  6. On October 13th, 2011 at 9:45 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    thirtiesgirl: I think you are right on the money, lady. I have watched exactly four episodes and she has gushed about every single person she’s talk about…except her band leader Katrice…which is BS in my opinion, but whatever. I am writing about my latest impression and annoyance about exactly this and will be posting it tomorrow/Friday morning. Please do not fear, there is no judgment here. This is a safe space for all truths to be told. I used to watch her show back in the day, too…when I could anyway. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.

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