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Mind Your Business


You know what kills me? When people say fatties are obsessed with food. Like, because we inhabit a fat body that must mean that we’re all food all the time! The truth is not so simplistic. It is certainly easier to believe some bullshit stereotype, but it’s unacceptable to generalize any group of people in this way.

The truth? People of all shapes and sizes are over eaters. This is a serious eating disorder that affects people’s lives. This is not something to joke about or laugh at or shame people over. Another thing? People of all shapes and sizes are under eaters or anorexic! This is a serious eating disorder that affects people’s lives. This is not something to joke about or laugh at or shame people over. Another thing? Don’t be a dick to people! Assumptions are bullshit and we need to knock it the hell off!

You know who is food obsessed? Dieters! No one talks about or thinks about food more than those who are dieting! Especially this time of year when it feels like everyone is starting some new fad diet and they have to tell you all about it. NOPE! Ya don’t! But I know you will and I will smile in your fucking face as I tell you to stfu about it! Seriously, shut the fuck up about it already! It’s boring and no one cares!

Some say you’re always in recovery when it comes to eating disorders or sobriety, and I think that’s true. I still struggle with my anorexia, though nowhere near like I used to. There are certain triggers I try to avoid and mostly do okay with that, but again, this time of year with all of its diet-workout culture bullshit, it’s extra hard. The worst is the smarmy-holier-than-thou attitudes that permeate due to these new regimes. It’s a fucking joke! No one is better than anyone else and certainly not for what they eat or how they choose to move their bodies.

The worst is when your significant other jumps on these band wagons. No seriously! One would hope that we would be partnered with someone whose belief align with our own, and they often do, but on certain subjects, and especially socially reinforced ones, it’s easy to get caught up. And sure, it’s fun to try new things, I get that. What I do not get at all is doing the same thing each year and expecting new results (that never come). Seriously!??! Isn’t that the very definition of insanity?! Yeah, my bf is, once again, for the third year in a row, recommitting to eating healthier and tracking every possible statistic you can gather about yourself (Fitbit and all). When I said, “You said that last year.” about these things, he responded, “Yeah but I’m going to stick with it this year!” and I replied, “You have said that the last two years, though.” he didn’t have a reply.

Now, look, it’s one thing to do these things on your own. I mean, more power to ya! But to drag others down? Unacceptable! Do NOT ever fucking remark on other’s eating habits or body size. Do NOT ever fucking make assumptions about these things to or about anyone, EVER! No seriously, don’t fucking do it! Not even as a joke! Don’t joke about that shit! You can cause far more harm than good. And…

What anyone puts into or does with their body is their business, period.

Let’s keep it that way!

Rad Fatty Love to ALL.


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“Mind Your Business”

  1. On January 6th, 2017 at 4:38 pm Jery Says:

    Love the Dave gif!
    Agreed, mind ya business, people!

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