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(Menstrual) Cupdate!


I saw a meme this week that at first made me irritated, but then made me happy because fuck yeah!

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Yeah it is a thing you’ll want to talk about, the trouble is finding the appropriate audience for the topic! I’ve been called an evangelizer of the menstrual cup before, not ashamed about it either. I am ashamed of those who make women believe terrible stupid shit that creates vagina shame the world over. (And if you do have mixed feels about your vag, you’re not alone, but there’s nothing wrong or bad or smelly about your vagina! I promise!) But I love menstrual cups! The first one I tried, and have used for 11 years, was the Diva Cup. I love it! I know it’s hard to plop down that hard earned money when it’s $30+ and you’re used to buying a box of tampons or pads. But the amount of money you’ll save, the time and gas or more money towards transportation to and from the store, not to mention less waste in our landfills…it’s a no brainer!

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So, here I am, seasoned cup user. Happy with my Diva Cup. And then I start hearing about some new exciting developments in the menstrual cup world: XO FLO! I hesitated, read every review, and took the plunge! Only, when it arrived (and waited until my period also arrived), it was massively huge! I would not say that I have a tiny vaginal opening, perhaps average to above average, maybe. I mean how does one even know?! But this thing just didn’t work for me at all! I ran back to my Diva Cup and didn’t consider another brand again. Until…

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I heard a friend talking about their friend finding a cheap deal on Amazon for a 2-pack! I blew that off because it couldn’t be true. I was happy with what I had, had hated trying a different one, why bother? Friends! I am here to tell you that I did give that 2-pack on Amazon a try and I am using one right now! In fact I am on day 2 of using it, and it’s my heaviest day. I haven’t needed to empty it yet today! This is fabulous! With my Diva Cup on my heaviest day, I have been wanting to empty it about 2 or 3 pm (cup goes in at 7am, for reference). It is now almost 56pm and I have no urge or desire to fuck with it at all!

I was hella skeptical! For $15.99 for two cups, I was willing to take a risk.  They seemed flimsier at first glance and feel. Once I sanitized the new cups (boiling is my preferred method) I gave it a shot. At first I didn’t like how flimsy the sides of the cup were. Then the top rim seemed stiff and not as smooth as the Diva. Once inserted it all made sense, though. The softer sides make it easer to fold and to break the seal for removal. The stiffer rim made it easier for the cup to open after inserting to create a better seal. I did have a hard time this morning, nothing new there though, with getting it to open up once inserted. I have had this issue with every cup, not a surprise. And mornings seem to be when I struggle with most things. Ha-ha!

I won’t try to sell you on menstrual cups, I have written all of this before (some good links in that post), but I wanted to share with you a little update and suggest that maybe you might wanna take that same, cheaper, risk as I did. No pressure. 😉

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