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Without anything specific in mind to write about today because I’m on a mission to rid myself and my business of traditional big-banking and merchant services (most ironic name for an industry that does nothing but rip off merchants) I figured I’d give you a bit of a potluck, if you will, of things and links of love and more! Enjoy and please, as always, go bananas with the comments! I love it! <3

Our own beloved Mrs. Sprat from gives us the total treat of a sex toy review! I heart her so!

Great friend of this blog and it’s writer (c’est moi), WithoutScene has gone and outdone herself by starting TWO new blogs. Yeah, she’s kind of amazing in an out of this world yet so down to earth you can’t believe it sort of way. Just the names of the blogs are fantastic, but then you read her posts and you just know there is a reason she is in our lives (she also blogs on and check it out and prepare to be glad that you did! <3

Charlotte Cooper responds to a piece in The Guardian and if you don’t already read her blog all of the time, man, you are missing out! This post in response to the Guardian thing is ripped right out of my own brain, I tell ya. Keep on rockin’, Charlotte! We need your voice and your magnificent brain in this big fat fight!

Tomorrow evening is the 3rd telesummit from Golda Poretsky’s Body Love Revolution and her guest will be none other than Marilyn Wann of “Fat! So?” fame! You cannot miss this, I promise, it will be tons-o-fun! I’ll be there! Register for the call Here!

Get 20% off your entire order at Eden Fantasys with the coupon code SEXYTWIST with $5.95 flat rate shipping, discreet billing & shipping and free returns and exchanges. How could you possibly go wrong with that?!

Brian from Red No. 3 had an amazing post up about privilege. And for the record, I would probably link to nearly any post on this topic, but he simply has a way with words that always strikes a chord with me. Follow is rad blog and be struck as well.

Have you been catching all of the rad fatty love over at I have! It’s def NSFW, but it’s so radical (in both meanings of the word) to see these amazing fat bodies doing such, well, normal things, but in front of a lens for all of us to enjoy. And I do! <3

In case you missed the post today,’s Tasha Fierce is now over here at and that is just the coolest name for a blog I’ve heard in ages! She will also be writing for Bitch magazine with a column of the same name. Woo!

I may be late to the game, but I love the new look of NAAFA’s blog! Check it out.

I had a bit too much fun Saturday night at a friend’s for a board game night and felt pretty cruddy yesterday, but still managed to get out and enjoy the unseasonal California sun with my husband, bff and pug. Quiet night in last night and since I’m no sports fan I could honestly not care any less about that whole super bowl thing yesterday. Ha!

What’s on your mind today? How are you feeling? What do you need to get off of your chest? Tell me about it! <3

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“Linky Love and More!”

  1. On February 7th, 2011 at 1:20 pm Lauren Says:

    OOoo, I really loved that piece by Brian as well! I actually had to call my boyfriend out on ascribing a kind of thin privilege on me last night. His ex was very abusive to him near the end of their relationship, so his views of her are very colored, but he cannot help himself but compare how much better I am than her. He lists many non physical aspects, like the fact I talk about how I feel and that I like to have meaningful conversations, but every so often he pits my body against hers. He compares how she was round, like she was pregnant, while I have a waist. He compares how I have well defined legs while she, well, didn’t. And then he compares how I have a much more conventionally pretty face, while hers was more chubby and pushed in.
    I have never met the woman, and until now, I had taken the comments as flattery, but last night I found myself defending her to him. Maybe it was because I had just read the chapter of “Lessons From The Fat-O-Sphere” on stopping judging other women, but I think it had been bothering me for awhile actually.
    I called him out on his tying the shape of her body with her moral failings. I told him that it wasn’t her body’s fault that she had been raised in an abusive household and had learned maladaptive behaviors to get what she wanted. I told him that even someone who looked like her was worthy of love.
    Needless to say this made him a bit uncomfortable. I immediately followed up with reinforcing that I didn’t think he was a bad person for what he said, but that I thought his behavior was in appropriate. I also reminded him that I bring these things up so I don’t bury them and let them fester to the point where I start lashing out passive-aggressively in ways completely detached from what was actually bothering me. He got it in the end, but I get the feeling that it will take some time for him to totally divorce from the fat stigma that is so prevalent in this culture. But isn’t it like that for everyone?

    After the confrontation, he actually shared with me a joke they used to have with each other, where she would hold up a croissant or a bagel or some other dough bomb and stare at it. Then when someone asked what she was doing, she would reply, “I’m watching my carbs!” and then proceed to watch every carb as the delicious pastry was devoured. 😉

  2. On February 7th, 2011 at 1:34 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    I Love You! You so Get it! I am so glad you’re reading and I presume enjoying the books! Woo! And just look at you go! You amaze me. Had I a fraction of your mind power…wow! And he will get there. My husband still struggles occasionally, but we talk it out and it sounds like you guys do, too and that is so awesome! I love the watching my carbs thing, gotta try that! Oh wait, I’m having a bagel right now!!! Ha-ha!

  3. On February 7th, 2011 at 9:22 pm Kath Says:

    Oh man, just when I thought I was catching up on my reading, you share all this awesome stuff I’ve not seen before.

    Charlotte is ever the rad punk fatty isn’t she? If you haven’t read her paper from the Australian Fat Studies conference, “Kicking out the Jams”, I can highly recommend it.

    What’s on my chest? I’m sad today because I found out last night of the death of a friend of mine, who was only in her early 30’s. Despite a lifetime of dieting, weight loss efforts and even weight loss surgery, she has been taken from us at such a young age. It breaks my heart.

  4. On February 8th, 2011 at 9:21 am Not Blue at All Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, Kath. So young, too. That is truly tragic.
    Charlotte Cooper is a personal shero of mine, one of the first faces of FA I’d seen and the leader of the Chubsters? She kicks my ass sitting still! Ha!

  5. On February 8th, 2011 at 11:41 am withoutscene Says:

    Wow, thanks for the shout out!

    And for making me blush…geez.

    I really appreciate you linking to the new Bitch series by Tasha Fierce. Love it!

  6. On February 8th, 2011 at 1:37 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    To say that I admire you and all that you do would be an understatement…but Your new blogs kick ass! I hope you can come to accept that. Glad I made you blush, ’bout time I got you back! Ha!

  7. On February 8th, 2011 at 8:03 pm Mrs. Sprat Says:

    Yeah, same here *blushes.*

    I can’t say I’ve ever been referred to as “beloved” before, not in print anyway 🙂

  8. On February 9th, 2011 at 10:24 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Ha! Get used to it, lady! Your post is one of the more popular I’ve had (though the masturbation one is still tops)! I’ll be looking for more sex talk from you! <3

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