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Life Without Fabulon…


My beloved and fave blog has mysteriously shuttered. Leaving me with heartache and a need for a fix of fabulosity! So…I shall scour the webz in search and perhaps you’ll join me on this adventure and see what we find in the universe!

Came across a Tweet from 52stations and I friggin’ loved it and Carrie Fisher for writing it:

I love this site’s clothing and have bought a few items now. I can attest to it’s quality and uniqueness. You just won’t see another gal walking down the street in thei stuff (yet!): with sizes from 0 – 38W there seems to be something for everyone! PLUS: you can get customized styling for $10! Yes! No tailor needed! And only $10!!!

I am loving Yoko Ono’s Tweets! You may have noticed my recent post “25 Things” in her honor. Well, check out her site: it’s full of fabulosity and compassion!

If you’re a regular Fabulonian, you’ll already be familiar with Mr. Peakcock and his style:

And I love this art/design/blog: it’s always full of fab typesettings and all kinds of fabulousness!

If you’re on the fashion leaning side of Fabulon: will surely give you something to gawk at!

Another fashion one, but this one’s a more collage style scene:

I think one of the best blogs ever: because anyone who blogs about things that are awesome and specifically: #678 Sneaking cheaper candy into the movie theater is fabulous in my opinion!

Okay so this one is both fabulous and adorable:

I Love The Frugal Fag! I had wanted a clever name for this blog to go with his, but stuck with my old standby instead:

Another Fabulon Favorite:

If you love film and all things cinematique check out:

Um, not sure how to categorize this one, fun-weird-crazy-fab makeup and dress-up?

Four-eyes rejoice!

I am an Ikea addict, I won’t lie! But this makes your Ikea filled house look less so:

Have a crock pot? Need recipes/ideas? Cheggit:

Gorgeously Packaged Products (or ideas for them):


Oooh! I love these old pics:

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now sweetie-darlings! While it’s a sad day without our dear Fabulon, we can keep a little piece of her in our hearts, always!

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