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Just Discovered


Because I’m feeling oh so BoHo (and not Loco!) I happened across an Outfit Of The Day on LJ’s ( Fathionista community and the gal got her dress on there. So I looked it up and Whoa! I WANT IT ALL!

One fabulous feature of the site is that you can shop by size! Makes digging through all the goods much faster/easier. Also, yay for multiple size charts! For once someone’s admitted that different brands use different sizing. Duh!

Here’s what I’m lusting after (wish I had some moolah to buy ONE of these fine dresses):

1.) Quirky Casual Dress by Blue Plate $49.00
2.) Color Queen Dress by Blue Plate $49.00
3.)Black Licorice Dress by Blue Plate $62.00
4.) Fine Wine Dress by Blue Plate $59.00
5.) Ocean Waves Dress regular: $49.00 sale: $39.99 save 18%
6.) Brooklyn Bandana Dress by Blue Plate $48.00
7.) Global Studies Dress by Blue Plate $48.00
8.) Coming Of Age Top by Blue Plate $42.00

I know the prices are good, but I’m the bargain huntress! I can’t pay retail for clothes! (Nor can I afford to!) I do love that last top, oh so much! *sigh* Which is your fave darlings? How are you feeling? A little country/rock ‘n roll? Ha!

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“Just Discovered”

  1. On May 6th, 2010 at 7:08 am j. Says:

    I think the red one is my fav. The price to me doesn’t seem that much different than what you would find in some stores, though. I think that if you can find this in the price range of $30-40, then it would be a little a true deal.

  2. On May 6th, 2010 at 7:32 am admin Says:

    Yeah, I’ll be looking for coupon codes, for real!

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