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I have not been offered anything to write this post (though they should just totes give me all their loot! Ha-ha!) but wanted to after receiving my first order from and wanted to share my delight with you all.
I randomly clicked on their ad on Pandora, I believe. I thought their 2 for $29 seemed too good to be true. Most ads I click on lately will show a picture of a plus size model in a gorgeous dress that either doesn’t actually exist on their site or is only up to a 22 or is just plain old sold out. Not this time!
After browsing a bit I narrowed my choices and ordered these beauties (click the pic for more info/images):
I just received them and I ADORE THEM! They arrived in a sleek looking black bubble mailer and inside were two small boxes with a ribbon around them. Very nicely packed, my necklaces arrived in perfect condition. I have to say, I’m a sucker for packaging, but the quality of the two necklaces I ordered? I was very impressed! The picture of the jade necklace (not actually jade, just the name of the item) doesn’t do it justice. It’s gorgeous! And the spiked one came on a dark brown leather-like cord…I know just what to wear it with!
I had never done one of these “we pick stuff based on your style” sort of things, but WOW! This was rad! I’m not a runway watcher, nor a trend seeker/supporter. I have no idea if these are “in” or “on trend” or anything. I just know that they are perfect and wonderful and I cannot wait to show ’em off!
For $29 + shipping (My total was $32.46) I got two fashion necklaces of high quality and I am completely satisfied with the purchase. A rarity, I assure you. Now my eyes are darting all over the place for hot-edgy looking stuffs! Oh what have they started?!?! 😉
It seems like they are always offering incredible deals…so glad I gave them a shot!
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