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It’s Time To Celebrate…


It’s Friday! That’s a reason to celebrate if you ask me, but I’m off today, so don’t ask me! Ha-ha!

I’m more talking about celebrating the small things that felt so hard to begin with. I came back home after cat/house sitting for a friend for a week and I never thought it would feel good. But it feels rad! Ahh! My bed and my stuff and my lovely painted walls and my fabulous curtains! “These are a few of my favorite things…” apparently. Ha-ha! I’ve had some tough times lately and to have a good day is such a rare thing that I often forget to just live in it and accept it for what it is, awesome!

I spent more time alone in the last week than I feel like I have in my life. It was often scary, but I learned a lot, too. It was a necessary experience for me and I am grateful for it. But like all creatures, home is where the heart is and I guess this place feels like home now. Can you believe I’m still not entirely unpacked? Nothing hung up yet? I need to get on that so I can start working on my bathroom again! Ha-ha!

I have struggled and stumbled and humiliated myself and I survived. I’m still breathing! That is fantastic! I should celebrate that alone! I will! Why the heck not? I say drink champagne for no reason! Dance “like you’ve got health insurance!” Don’t question weather or not you should relax and enjoy, just choose to do it! Don’t worry so much (talking to me now)! BREATHE!

Sometimes I get so caught up in my head stuff that I forget to breathe, or it feels that way at least. Lately, I need to be brought down again by a friend or three. It’s rough. I am struggling to accept my constant vulnerability. But then I saw this quote: “Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.” Mother Teresa

It’s sort of what I do, right? I’m too honest and transparent and I either get hurt or just find a way to hurt myself. But I won’t stop. I won’t cease to be myself simply because it makes me vulnerable. What I get as a constant reward are the most amazing people coming into my life and my heart. So what if I’m devastated from time to time, give too much of myself away or forget to stop and breathe. Shouldn’t I look into the moon and smile back?

So I will. I will find even the tiniest thing and celebrate it. Because being in the moment, really living in it and soaking it in, is the best celebration there is. <3


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