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It’s Friday I’m in Love!


I’m in such a fab mood today! It’s Friday (FINALLY!!!) and while I overslept, got to work majorly late and should be all out of breath by this point, I’m not! I’m ready for what today has to offer! I hope this week hasn’t been too hard on you. I can’t believe it’s already March 4th!

Today I wanted to offer up some stuff I’m particularly fond of right now (hence the title, he-he). If there’s anything you’re in love with this week, or just today, please share in comments! I’d love to see and hear all about it! It’s so important to celebrate those little things that keep us going. What keeps me going lately, is you, my lovely reader and the following:

Want to impact the design of plus sized swim wear? Share your thoughts and feedback here (how often do we get the chance?!):

These are some oldies, but goodies and so I wanted to share them again because this stuff comes up so often for us fats:
10 Reasons Why The BMI is Bogus:
You Did Not Eat Your Way To Diabetes:
My favorite, “Dear Health Care Provider”:
And lastly, from Linda Bacon herself:

Some of my absolute Favorite Blogs (Some may be NSFW): I love seeing all of these gorgeous big bellies! Why I signed up for Tumblr! Always a good one! Sorry, I just love chubby guys! Love this!

I love music of all genres and eras. But when I’m in need of a pick-me-up, nothing does the trick like “the vitamin pill with legs” Ms. Betty Hutton herself! There is nothing like Betty Hutton’s cheery tunes to lift me up when I’m down. It’s 40′s music, and almost always upbeat and positive. She makes me laugh and since and dance and well, Here are my faves:

If that doesn’t knock your socks off, perhaps this will! My friend Carmen turned me onto Grand Ole Party yesterday. Now I’m a bit of a music snob at times, but they kicked my ass! Lady-Drummer-Singer!!! Fab lyrics, to boot! I think they sound like if Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs fame) fronted The White Stripes…FANTASTIC!

So what’s on your agenda tonight/this weekend? I am excited about my plans, but can’t share them just yet! Ha-ha! And tomorrow I’ll be chillin’ with my BFFs and eating and drinking and being merrily fabulous with them, too! Oh sure, I have to do some grocery shopping and stuff like that, but I doubt in the grand scheme of things that that is what I’ll remember about this weekend. Ha-ha!
Take care of YOU!

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“It’s Friday I’m in Love!”

  1. On March 4th, 2011 at 1:14 pm Twistie Says:

    Things That Are Making Me Happy ATM:

    The gloriosity of the Fatosphere, where I meet with wisdom, humor, and delicious, delicious holy wrath on a daily basis;

    Having full energy to Do Stuff for the first time in months between the Plague That Lasted Forever, crappy weather that made me stay indoors with my head under the covers, followed by another goopy cold. I now can get out in the sunshine, walk places, and still feel up to doing whatever it was I planned to do when I got there;


    Getting to write and be opinionated for a paycheck;

    A lovely bit of news we got from France last week, which I’m not ready to publicly disclose, but need to tell someone soon before I burst that will result in direct good fortune for some very deserving people and quite possibly some trickle-down goodness for Mr. Twistie and me;

    I have a beautiful head of red cabbage in my fridge just waiting to be turned into something beyond delicious;

    My first successful yarnbombing adventure.

    Oh, and if you’re looking for a good musical recommendation, may I suggest Fanny? They’re hard to track down, but there was an amazing compilation set put out by Rhino a few years back with pretty much every track they ever recorded in their sadly brief career. They were the first all-girl rock band, as in they not only sang the songs but played the instruments, and wrote and arranged most of their own material. They also did some great covers (I particularly love their version of Hey Bulldog… and their version of Badge is far from shabby). June Millington is a slide guitar goddess. David Bowie is a huge fan. He’s publicly said that it’s awful that nobody knows about Fanny anymore.

    Freaking fabulous stuff. Hardcore rock and roll that was way ahead of its time.

  2. On March 4th, 2011 at 1:35 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Wow! So much good stuff! So glad you’re better, those nasty colds lately have seemed plague-like!
    Oooh, can’t wait to hear about whatever great news you have in the works!
    Yarn Bombing? I’m jealous! I have always wanted to yarn bomb then entire street my cafe is on, but I lack motivation I think. But now that the city just gave me some hell about signage? Hmm…maybe I found my motivation! =0) (insert evil laugh here)
    Oooh! Never heard of ’em but they sound fantastic. Thank you! I am always looking to get my ass kicked by some good music!

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