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“Is It Okay To Be Fat?” That is tonight’s “Face-Off” on Nightline


Watch the full debate here:

I would love to recap it or explain it all for you, but let me just say this: It is far more impactful and powerful when you get your own first impression from this. It is a very controversial subject and a very personal one for me. I think everyone (not just women) has an opinion and a personal story on the subject and while I would love to hear from anyone who reads this blog, I ask only that you are respectful and use your manners, please.

I was very moved by this debate and it will air on ABC this evening. I hope that you find the time to watch and decide for yourself what is right for you.  =0)

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““Is It Okay To Be Fat?” That is tonight’s “Face-Off” on Nightline”

  1. On February 24th, 2010 at 10:05 am j. Says:

    I can’t comment just yet, because I watched the replay of the debate last night and felt like there was TOO much editing that happened. So, I am watching the full thing on the web. It’s a whole different vibe!

  2. On February 24th, 2010 at 10:21 am admin Says:

    Yeah, I’d actually love to hear your thoughts after you watch. I know it’s long, but you know all about my love of Marianne!

  3. On February 24th, 2010 at 11:44 am j. Says:

    Firstly, Crystal Renn is my new hero! Loved that she said the focus should be on health habits and not on size. According to government standards, I am horribly overweight, and yet when I have gone to the doctor, my cholesterol is great and blood pressure is normal. My heart is doing what it’s supposed to. I attribute this because I practice pretty healthy habits for the most part. MeMe talks about how much she exercises, which is good for her, but not everyone has the time to do this. She eats only 1800 calories and runs 4 miles a day? THAT sounds unhealthy to me. I understand the idea of exercising. I go to the gym, but there’s something to be said about fanaticism. There’s something underlying mentally that is driving that, I feel. One of my philosophical friends really taught me that when I overeat, this is just me, there’s something that my mind is trying to avoid.

    Speaking of doctors, that brings me to insurance, which I think is a joke. While I was working with an auto insurance contractor type company, (and the same holds true for health insurance) people that had great credit scores got better rates. One aspect of my job was to call and get a quote from an agent. I would have great credit, but a few accidents, and 75% of the time, the rate was better than when I had bad credit and no accidents. I feel that it’s partially true what Marianne said about the history being a factor, but the other side of that is credit.

    I love when doctor said that he disagrees with Marianne’s statement that the surveys and research that MeMe was quoting was funded by pharmaceutical companies. He goes on to say that it’s funded by the government, which in my mind is owned by the lobbyists. (Coincidentally enough is made up of pharmaceutical companies, and oil companies and others that are only out for the money, and not what’s actually best for the people.)
    There’s a gentleman at the end that brings up a brilliant idea. MeMe is harping about the “burden” that overweight people place on society, and the man says if the healthy choices aren’t available, shouldn’t the government force the companies that aren’t promoting healthy habits to eat some of the cost? I love it!! It could do either one of two things, force the company to provide better options, or struggle to make ends meet.
    I think it’s funny that they bring up food labels, but has anyone wondered who actually monitors them? I know that it’s guidelines are set by Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, but does anyone check what’s actually in them? I don’t believe there is. I know the FDA checks the labels, but do they truly breakdown every thing that’s sold. What if there are things in them that aren’t as healthy as they seem. I know there’s be arsenic in bottled water before, so does anyone really monitor the products that are sold aside from the label guidelines.

    Okay my comment is becoming a novel. I’ll stop now. Also, watch the online debate. TV editing is awful.

  4. On February 24th, 2010 at 12:27 pm admin Says:

    I just love you!

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