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In the Evening Sun


People always give me a look of shock and awe when I mention being friends with my ex-husband and his wife. I know it’s weird, but we were friends before we even dated and we never had any major drama that caused our split, we just didn’t need to be married or live together any longer. Ha-ha! Seriously, though, it took a lot of time and work on all of our parts and I’m so happy to have them in my life. They made my shitty birthday sooooo much better (I was sick) last year, and they are simply good humans.

Last month I took a week off work so I could visit with my best friend who came to stay with me from Ohio (yes I’ll post about that specifically soon!). My ex was also going on vacation that week and needed someone to pet sit their many animals. I friggin’ love animals, y’all! I said yes before I even realized the timing and all involved. I mean, you walk into a coop and have 4 fluffy chicken butts at eye level and say no…I couldn’t! 4 chickens, 4 fish, 3 cats (+1 stray they feed) and a cockatiel for a few days and nights, but we did alright. The first day I went to clean and feed the brood I discovered a lovely thank you note along with several lovely gifts from them (1 bottle of champagne, 1 bottle of Capriccio fizzy sangria {aka Five Loko amongst my friends}, and a jar of homemade marmalade!). Plus he’s a CMT and had offered several hours of massage as repayment for the pet sitting.

Last week we went to a movie (Jordan Peele’s “Us” and its fantastic!) and he mentioned building a planter box in my tiny backyard. It was just this slab of cracked blacktop, but I had been wanting to get a nice chair to read back there when the weather is nice. Nothing much to see, but this lil’ yard was a big factor in my choosing my apartment. I’m so glad that I did!

They already had the lumber and dirt in their own backyard and so it seemed a simple thing. He came by to measure and check with me about it on Sunday and then Thursday while I was at work he built this beautiful planter box and filled it with lovely things! I thanked him profusely when he sent me the pic, but then when I got home and saw this…

I was fucking blown away! It’s gorgeous and perfect and more than I ever imagined! I mean, y’all!!! He legit made a heart for me out of some ivy!

Even the puggo was impressed!

(My bff Ash did that for me, blew up just his face, it’s like my fave internet thing when folks do that shit…but this is my baby!)
AND that’s not all, he also brought over a watering can specifically for my new mini-garden and some furniture…

Just the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever! I didn’t have the heart to tell him that there’s no way my fat ass can sit in those chairs without them breaking. Or that that purple nightstand had been in front of my building on the street all week and it’s hideous. Ha-ha! He wanted me to have, “A place for your cocktail while you read.” Seriously, I know I ended our marriage, but he’s always been a thoughtful guy! His mama is just the same. I couldn’t resist the light of the setting sun and had to snap a quick selfie…

So lovely! And this blazer is brand new, well, from eBay, but it was my first time wearing it. I was trying to get a spring time feel with this outfit and I think I nailed it…

Professional bitch, at your service! Ha-ha! Of course, once home and after our evening walk, we got settled in for the evening. I had bought this off-the-shoulders long johns sort of thing from Soncy before I moved but hadn’t worn it or even tried it on yet. Life was just stressful af at the time, ya know? So I put it on with a fave bralette (torrid, but bought from a friend for cheap) and felt so very sexy! I can’t even explain it because when I took a near full-length pic I thought it didn’t look good at all, but it sure made me feel fabulous! That’s all that matters anyway, right?! So I cracked open my new favorite cider and relaxed the rest of the night. Ahhhh!

This is my sexy face, I guess? IDK! Ha-ha!

Sittin’ on my couch, sippin’ the night away (not, only had one to be honest)!


Thanks for stopping by and reading about my silly life. I’ll be posting more soon…I promise! 😉

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