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I suppose there just might be a bee in my bonnet!


So I guess when we went on our staycation last week, we pretty much blocked out the rest of the world. Okay, maybe just the news? I don’t know. But anyhoo, my point is that we didn’t know about the “OMZ! Terrorist tries to blow up Christmas!!!” thang until January 5th. While I am hardly surprised by the media’s long and full attention to this story, I am pretty damned pissed off about the entire thing all together.

You see, we heard the story on a DVR’d “Daily Show” and I am honestly glad that I got that news from Jon Stewart. His problem with this latest terror attack is now my flaming-with-rage issue on the topic. This terrorist did the exact same thing as the shoe bomber from several years ago except he chose to shove the explosives under his nut sack instead of his shoes because you know; we have to take off our shoes to get on planes now. Ugh! Plus, his own father alerted the CIA of his extremism and was verbally concerned that his son would do something like this. Hmm…the CIA was alerted ahead of time and…? Yeah, nada!

Really?! (Where’s Amy Poehler when I need her?) He had no luggage, paid thousands of dollars for his ticket in cash and we’re surprised and shocked by it all. Seriously? My biggest beef in this whole thing is that once again it was up to civilian passengers to grab this guy and take him down. Not homeland security, not TSA, not the FBI, CIA or FAA…just regular peeps! WTF?!

Um, I would like to personally fucking sue the shit out of old W for all of my tax dollars that were spent on the following: The creation and maintenance of homeland security, the war in Iraq (that oughtta get us out of this depression), the war in Afghanistan, the TSA security restrictions and the BS we’ve all had to endure at every airport all in the name of terror! I’m serious!

It’s all a fucking farce! It’s a joke! It’s embarrassing and a crying shame, but let’s put this whole charade behind us and get back to living our damned lives, please?! I mean, if all of these expensive measures and wars and whatnot have not made us any fucking safer than we were eight years ago then what the hell is the point? Terrorist have always been around. They will always be able to squeak one guy in and apparently the only people who care enough to take some action are regular people!

All of that money…Trillions! All spent on wars that are completely unnecessary. And all of the lives of soldiers and Iraqi civilians lost all in the name of…what was it again? Terror? Ew! Okay, that is hella stupid! I feel that the depression/recession (I’ve heard it called the big double-dip but that’s sounds fucking nasty to me!) we’re in would never have even happened, housing market crash or no, had we not been neck deep in these expensive wars. For real!

I think W and Cheney should be prosecuted for all of this. They had a specific agenda in mind before they were even sworn into office (there’s evidence out there) and we are all suffering as the result. And that my friends, is some heavy fucking bullshit! These rich assholes are so above it all that they don’t even get the gravity of it all. I think that they should keep Guantanamo Bay open just for them! Leave all of the alleged terrorists in there and let them have at both of them! In fact, let’s get all of our Iraq War vets in there to have a go, too!

All of this aside, someone has some explaining to do, yet no one is stepping up to the podium. And now the right wingers are demanding a war in Yemen…Really?! Are you fucking serious? Get a grip! But I guess if you’re not struggling financially right now you wouldn’t give a flying leap if we went into another expensive-ass war. These are the same right wingers (Fox News Channel idiots) that said Obama didn’t speak to the public soon enough after the x-mas attack. Really? Hm…seems old W waited six days before addressing the nation regarding the shoe bomber. With Obama it was like oh 6 to 24 hours or something. Yeah, that’s way too long. Fucks! Ugh!

I don’t know where they make those people (Fox pundits), but they need to break that machine. It’s somehow gotten overfilled with methane and not enough grey matter in the mix! And I have only seen clips shown on other channels. I don’t think I could bear to watch the actual shows they’re from. I think I would rot from the inside out if I did. I mean, did you hear about the one guy who straight up said that Tiger Woods need to convert to Christianity because Buddhism doesn’t have the same forgiveness and redemption (and I don’t remember what else) that Jesus Christ does. Ugh! How are these shows even on television?  It just seems wrong to me. I’m not saying they don’t deserve free speech, but don’t call it a news channel and don’t call them journalists when all they are are lackeys for the GOP and Jesus, apparently (and some gold company they keep pimping).

I mean, can you imagine someone else on a news channel, say CNN saying that so and so would be better off in life and the here-after if they just converted to _____ religion? I can’t! The right wingers would be all a fluster. I must admit though that one of my favorite things about “The Daily Show” is when they show a recent clip of say Glen Beck saying something specific about how what Obama’s doing is wrong and all this but then they show an old clip of him praising W for doing the exact same thing!

Okay, this whole thing is so ridiculous and I’m sick of thinking about it for now. Tah!~

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“I suppose there just might be a bee in my bonnet!”

  1. On January 22nd, 2010 at 6:08 am Michelle | Bleeding Espresso Says:

    Looks like we have quite a bit in common…A LOT actually 😀

  2. On January 24th, 2010 at 3:44 pm admin Says:

    Ha-ha! Glad to hear it!

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