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I Got The Bug…


The shutter bug, that is! I’m gaga for photography now!

Okay, so it all started years and years ago (how dare you ask how many, even in your own head!). What started at first as a fun way to capture summer memories soon turned into a tried and true hobby. With disposable cameras and playing with light and shadow I was able to sell a couple of pictures of a nearby landscape to a mortuary company for their brochures. I thought, “This is IT! I’m a photographer!” but then that was it. I wasn’t selling any more and stopped even taking pics for awhile.

Planning our honeymoon meant buying a digital camera (with lots of memory) with all of the bells and whistles because I had no idea (and still don’t) if I’d ever go to Europe again. I got a Sony Cyber Shot and loved the hell out of it. I’d still be using it if it hadn’t completely died on me a couple months ago. It took quality video (w/sound) and great pics! We even blew up a pic from another vacation in Maui and it looks gorgeous!

Now I have a new baby. I’ve only had it a couple weeks, but it’s lovely! I got the Olympus Fe-47! She’s candy-apple red and comes with art filters and more! I haven’t had time to play with all of those features, but I know we’ll be together for a long time, so I’m not worries. She’s got 14 mega pixels, VGA video and 5X optical zoom! REAL ZOOM! WOW! And I got her for only $89! Oh yeah, you forgot I’m the bargain huntress! Ha! I got it on Amazon with an 8gig SD card. Super easy to use and light as a…small cell phone? It’s light!

So I was thinking that with summer here I should share not only my inspiration for taking said pics, but the tools of the trade (as they say) that I will be using to accomplish the task at hand. I don’t have an actual theme or specific project in mind yet, I figure inspiration will grab me when it’s ready, but here’s what I’ll be taking along for the ride (links at end of post):

Product Details Product DetailsPolaroid CZA-10011B PoGo Instant Mobile Printer (Black)Tapestry 5 Inch x7 Inch Photo Clutch Album - In The  Swing

My camera, my case, my tripod, my photo printer and I gotta ave one of these little clutch photo albums (will buy one soon, for sure!). I should be all set to take any shot I like, anywhere I like! WOOT! And all of these items are relatively inexpensive. And if you’re savvy, very cheap, even! Try eBay, y’all! And Amazon! Research & read up on the stuff you want and decide for yourself if they’re right for you or if they miss the mark. You’ll be surprised what just ten minutes of research can find ya!

What are you hobby’s tools? I wanna know! Thanks guys & happy snapping!

Olympus Fe-47:

Paperchase Happy Noodle media case (I bought mine at Borders):

Gorilla tripod:

Polaroid PoGo Instant mobile Printer:

Photo clutch:

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