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How To Be Alone


I just had to share this remarkable video. It makes me want to watch “You, Me & Everyone We Know” and “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Juno” and every other quirky indie movie I’ve ever seen and it just makes me smile because I’ve been going to the movies by myself for years and have always relished not having to make small talk before the movie and walking out into the afternoon light afterward is somehow magical to me.

This video makes me want to start a band called “The Cozy Sweaters” and we’d be ever so Twee!

Also, I would like a video of this nature for fats. Being alone with your fat, going out with your fat, getting to know your fat and how it feels and moves and jiggles and squishes. Going out with a strapless top or sleeveless one and not worrying about people staring…

Anyway, here is this lovely & amazing video about being alone. Don’t worry, it’s not sad at all (or blue, ha!) it’s nice:

I saw this on one of my fave blogs:

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