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Hit the Ground Running…Watch Out!


Today I am feeling clear headed and more like myself than I have in weeks. I had a second interview at a job I super want (but still not willing to get my hopes up and still quite superstitious about the whole thing) and while it was mega short, I think it went well. I look fucking fabulous today (even if I am just sitting in my bra and undies at the mo) and I have an important date with my special geek tonight. I am finally hopeful about the future, folks. Yay!
Keep calm and put your bitch face on.

I mentioned the other day that I was excited to go to Cupcakes & Muffintops on Sunday and WHOOO! It was so much fun! I bought more stuff than I have the last three years and I could not be fucking happier about it! I bought 7 dresses, 3 skirts and 4 tops! And it was all super cheap and the money went to Big Moves and NoLose. I am a happy fatshionista! 😉

Raven and I got there maybe ten minutes after it opened and it was already packed! We went through the piles and found some gems and made our way to the fitting room. Only…that shit was overflowing! So, I said fuck it and went by the windows, found a chair to plunk my stuff in and just started trying shit on. I wasn’t alone, either. Nope. Lots of fatties were doing the same damn thing. And it was so fun and awesome!

We tried stuff on and complimented each other. Helped with zippers, hems, buttons and ties. Raven always quick with the alteration suggestions had me try on stuff I wouldn’t normally pick, but I trust her and I swear I find better stuff that way. Get outside your comfort zone! Good things happen there, I swear! So much cute stuff everywhere! Nearly everything I picked Raven was all, “And when you’re done with that you can just pass it along to me, thanks.” Ha-ha!

But she found some amazing finds, too! She’s a big fan of Tripp and Lip Service and she found some fucking gems! Even while waiting in line to pay, that bitch found three things in the far off stacks (or in someone else’s hands Ha-ha!) just standing still in line! Ha-ha! She is amazing! And her happy mood rubbed off on me. It was a good thing, too, because I would have otherwise been devastated by a sudden and unexpected disappointment later that day instead of just being meh about it like I ended up being. Yay Raven! (Though I will say that having SEVEN NEW DRESSES certainly helped comfort me. Ha!)

Today I woke up later than planned, snuggled with the puggyman, and just decided it was going to be a good fucking day, dammit! I got shit to do! Let’s do this!!! And so I got ready for my interview and just did the thing! I’ve had enough “bad days” and worse in a row to be done with the whole notion. I can’t say how long this will last, but I don’t care, either. I need things to start happening and moving in my life again. GOOD STUFF, YOU CAN HAPPEN NOW! THANKS!!!

I have a tentative skype date with a beloved friend tomorrow morning, crafting with another fabulous fatty on Wednesday and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll know about this job I want. Also! Drinking plans for Saturday with P & J?! WOOT! This also means that I have a lot of down time to keep applying for jobs and going about my life stuffs. But I also wanna make sure I’m not holed up in my room for days on end in sadness. No more of that, thanks.

I have also had Fatty Affair stuff on my mind a lot lately. Actually, while trying stuff on at CC&MT yesterday a gorgeous fatty came up to me and said, “Aren’t you the founder of Fatty Affair? Thank you! I went for the swap but had never seen all of this awesome body positive stuff before. Thank you!” and also chatted with a local gal who had never been to a body positive event until yesterday. This reminded me why it is that I do what I do. The work is hard, but it’s necessary and worth it! I have to keep going!!!

So, if you have questions or suggestions about Fatty Affair, please hit me up!
I am looking to do something even bigger and better this coming year. I haven’t decided on a theme yet, but open to your ideas as well. If you’d like to volunteer or help plan/organize, hit me up! It is always in San Jose, California, so please keep that in mind (that will not change). I am looking for a larger venue and would LOVE your help in finding one!
Thanks so much in advance for your input.

Cheers to you and me!

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