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Here’s To A Fun & Fabulous 2010!!!


I am so sorry that I have left you all alone for so long. You must know that it isn’t by choice. I love writing this blog! No, it’s simply a matter of priorities and boy have we all been busy lately! Whew! But now that it’s a new year I would love to share with you what I bought myself for a musical treat! (with the help of a gift card from a friend).

Please, don’t forget that you can listen to anything on for free, all the way through, once! And purchased music downloads directly to your iTunes and if often much cheaper, too! =0)                                                                         (It takes only the creation of a password really, to join! FREE!)

The Fame Monster – Lady GaGa

La Roux – La Roux


xx – The xx

Unfortunately some of my recent purchases aren’t on, but I am loving Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer” album and have fallen back in love with them overall! BellX1 hs a unique and lovely sound (and Irish boys, to boot!).

I hope you all had a lovely NYE! I did and have been inspired by happenstance…again! Cheers to you all! Stay healthy and safe, y’all!  =0)

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