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Happy International No Diet Day!


Happy International No Diet Day to you and you and you!

I wanted to share some of my thoughts today and some fabulous resources, too!

Today I am celebrating by being kind to my body, to myself and to others. I put on eye make up (wow! I know!) and a top I rarely wear and have already gotten some compliments (not my motivation, but still nice). I will feed my body what it desires and give no thought or value or question why or what that is or means. I am pretty much spamming my facebook with INDD stuff today, so if you’re an FB friend o’ mine, tough it out! Ha-ha! =0)

Check out Fat Girls Float‘s post today for the origin & goals of INDD

For info on the INDD Fat Flesh Mob in S.F. Go to Big Fat Blog

Read about how the Fat Waitress Loves her Body!

The ever fabulous Golda Poretsky is offering her book Stop Dieting Now for FREE today only!!!

Sharon Haywood have a fabulous post up at Adios Barbie and be sure to watch her video.

Some are using the Twitter tag , so check out those posts if you’re over there. But if you’re low on teaspoons or sanity points, you may not want to actually look up International No Diet Day on Twitter. Just sayin’! Lots of folks are saying some silly stuff. Be aware that many links in these tweets link to diet ads, weight loss centers and worse.

For more info or ideas on INDD check out this page (link provided by Penguin Books AUS on twitter).

I am also noticing some people “celebrating” either for the wrong reasons or in the worst ways.
INDD was not created as an excuse for us to all gorge ourselves on “bad” foods or what have you.

Thanks for reading.
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