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Halloween Haunt at California’s Great America!


Tonight we’re heading over to California’s Great America for their Halloween Haunt and I’m a little anxious.

I haven’t been to a haunted house type thing since I was like 10 or so. It was a recreation center thing and my fave aunt was participating. I don’t remember what scared me so, it wasn’t overly professional or anything, but when I was outside upset, my aunt came to console me and I didn’t recognize her at all! She was dressed as a scary witch, I think. Ha!

This one is professional, and not cheap, but my lil sis gave us tickets and so I couldn’t refuse (she and her husband work for the Haunt every year). I’m excited, but nervous. Also, I sort of want to try to go on rides, but the whole publicly fat thing plus my BPPV (benign for of vertigo) makes me a little apprehensive, too. Ugh!

I haven’t been to CGA in ages. Funny, too because we’ve lived like 2-3 miles from it for the last 11 years! Last I went was with a bunch of friends after 8th grade graduation. Ha-ha! But I’m willing to suck up my fears and possible embarrassment to have a great time with my favorite people. I mean, I still get that initial jolt when I see a huge spider in my apartment, but now I don’t scream for it’s execution & removal. We just relocate them now (mostly my husband, but sometimes I get the courage to do it myself, too).

What do you get anxious about? Have you faced your fears?

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