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Gossip: A Band to Rattle Your Conventions!


Gossip: In my humble (and free) opinion, the best band to come out of the last decade! Yes, I know that’s a bold statement and I am not one to take such things lightly! But this band’s sound rocks my world and kicks my ass into the next decade! Yep! It’s true.

Image based on beth ditto by IanMackinnon licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike

While relatively unknown in the U.S., the band Gossip have made  a huge splash across the pond,( in the U.K.). And for good reason, they are so different from most modern bands out there. Beth Ditto, singer/icon/rockstar/death fattie/lesbian is all things not normally seen in mainstream music and media. She carries a confidence that belongs in the rock world, true…but her style and shape and performance antics? She’s breaking down barriers many didn’t know existed and while some of us did, we’re either in love with her for it or hate her because of it!

 I’ve been a fan for awhile. Actually, I discovered them through BUST magazine’s review of their album “Standing In The Way Of Control.” I bought the CD and was completely unprepared or the ride! Listening to it is one thing, but then I looked up their videos online and WOAH! She’s a fat girl, too?! Holy shit! She’s also fahsionable and gorgeous and queer and talented beyond comprehension!

Their latest album, “Music for Men” came out this week and once again my mind was blown away! There is little left of my grey matter now as all I can do is sing songs from the album when left to my own devices. In the car, at home, on my iPod and in my bedroom…I’m loving every second of this album! The anticipation alone was enough to kill me, but now that I’ ve heard it a few dozen times? I’m lucky to be alive! It kicked my ass clear into next week! While it was no surprise to me how good it is, I had faith in the band all along…but I also knew it was produced by the infamous Rick Rubin! Yeah, a bunch of ridiculously and musically talented people making a record? Yes, please!!!

Lyrically genius and completely relatable and the production quality is sublime! I can’t say enough good things about this album and this band! Just strap yourself in and enjoy the ride! “And I will thank you for your cooperation…”

Music For Men – Gossip

Video for the first single, “Heavy Cross”: (or scroll down to my previous post for the embedded video)

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