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Fuck it Friday: Feelin’ Myself


Whatta week! Thank FUCK it’s Friday! Whew!

This week gave me the menstruation blues and I was really struggling for a couple of days. Even after the cramps subsided, my emotions were making me feel unsteady where I was once so solid. Yesterday I was just feeling so tenderhearted and I didn’t know why. Chalking it all up to hormonal fluctuations and thankful as hell that my period actually ended early. I don’t think that that’s ever happened before, but will take every small victory, thanks.

After feeling super sad and trying my best to fight it, I took a full body exfoliation shower to hopefully slough off more than dead skin cells. Still feeling down I decided to go about shaking it off in another way. I had toyed with the idea of doing sheet pan pancakes for a couple of weeks and finally just said to myself, “Fuck it!” and did the damned thing…whilst rocking my hips to Tina Turner’s “We don’t need another hero“. Try it, seriously, start with just your hips or shoulders, swinging to the beat. I promise it’s a mood lifter! It helps if you raise your fists in the air for the chorus, too. It’s just science! Ha-ha! My pancake came out great, if not on the dry side, but with my mood lifted and some fresh strawberries on hand I went about my evening meal with glee.

I was rudely awakened by a garbage truck emptying dumpsters right behind my bedroom window at 3:30 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I had some morning calls and such to handle for work and then got some coffee and toast in me in order to feel alive again. I read my April horoscope and then it dawned on me: It’s Friday! Fri-YAY! Woo! So I got a lil’ dolled up and decided I’m feelin’ myself pretty hard today, time for pics! I don’t take selfies often, nor do I wear makeup often these days. Though I try to when the fancy grabs me because I genuinely enjoy the process of it and it makes me take better care of my skin too.

I’m 43, no filters used, no foundation used, just lots of moisturizer and a quick bit o’ mineral powder and blush on my face. I’m feeling like my face mask and exfoliating paid off yesterday! Ha! Headband is just a nice silky ribbon I got on etsy. I have four and I love them for all kinds of things I do with my hair. Today I was feeling a lil’ KiKi’s Delivery Service so I went with the red one. I have no idea what the rest of today has to offer, but I’m ready for it!

How are you feeling today? What helps you feel more like your best self? When was the last time you were really feelin’ yourself? Music always helps me but the genres change constantly. Got any feel good tunes to suggest? I hope you all have a lovely and fabulous weekend. *Blows Kiss*


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