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Friends & Fun


I had a whirlwind of a weekend. I had two lovely friends celebrating birthdays and wanted to do all I could to make sure they had a great one. I had no idea what was in store for me, but apparently I was game for anything. Ha-ha! I had a job interview and a quickie photo shoot on Friday. Both went splendidly, then I headed up to visit the lovely Laura in Northern California. She always treats me like royalty and I wanted her to feel as special as she always makes me feel.

We ate, we drank and we watched Casablanca. Okay, I watched Casablanca. Poor Laura was pooped and fell asleep a third of the way in. Ha-ha! We slept in and ate a wonderful breakfast from Black Bear Cafe and tried to make our big plans for Saturday night. Again, I had no idea what we would be doing, but I was ready for a good time! We talked about what she wanted to do but ultimately, we ended up going to a BBW club I said I would never return to (or support) again. What can I say, she’s a fantastic friend, it was her birthday and she literally begged me to go (and paid for me to as well). I couldn’t say no. (And for the record I loathe begging, but it was a special and sweet case.)

When the hotel turned out to be booked up for someone’s big 40th anniversary party I offered for these two lovely ladies to stay at my house if we got a cab to and from the club. I won’t lie, I was not looking forward to going, but I was happy to be in such good company and the cocktails sure helped! Ha! We primped and prepped at my place and laughed and drank and finally made it to the club around midnight (fashionably late?). I’d only just met Ashley that morning, but she and I soon became fast friends. As Laura was chatting and being the social butterfly that she is Ashley and I grabbed drinks and hit the dance floor. Well, the music sucked (as always, for real! Transitions aren’t that hard, yo! And let’s keep playing the same songs for life…NOT!) but there was a couple of gems and I got in one request in the end (though I asked the DJ myself I ended up having to get someone else to ask him again before it got played).

We got our dance on, our drinks on and Laura got some piercings on! Woooo! I won’t say what or where, but it was a piercing party and the birthday girl got treated to some bling. 😉 We closed the place down and shuffled our drunk asses outside. I was wearing this Eshakti dress in Red with a black petticoat from underneath. I looked and felt like a doll! I love that dress and it was only the second time I’d worn it. While we were outside waiting for our taxi I suddenly felt the urge to lean and quickly found a little post to lean on. Then it was apparent that I wasn’t moving anytime soon, worse than that, it was all about to go downhill from there.

These two girls, my lovely friends, were so kind and sweet and caring and loving. I cannot sing their praises enough! They tried to get me to walk or drink water but I knew it was too late, I very quickly and pointedly threw up in the bushes. Luckily the sprinklers turned on literally the moment I puked the first time. It was kind of perfect! In the cab Ashley kept me steady and sane and breathing and lectured the driver on what “easy” means. Ha-ha! Had to pull over twice, sadly, but we made it back to mine in one piece, unscathed.

I do not know how I got so drunk, I didn’t think I’d had very much, but we were celebrating and I haven’t had much more than wine in quite awhile. And I broke my own 1/1 water/alcohol rule. Boo! I managed to not ruin or mess my dress and apparently was quite lady like throughout the entire thing. Sadly, I did throw up for hours, but I also woke up not feeling like death warmed over and for that I am eternally grateful to Laura & Ashley. Those troopers really took care of me. We all had a great time and that was what it was all about.

Sunday afternoon I got to spend some time with my favorite guy and see his apartment for the first time. Oh that boy! He turns my brains to goo, I tell ya! In my hilariously drunken state the night before, I’d come up with the perfect “move” for every scenario, if you know what I mean, but when I was in the moment, I was too tired and too chickenshit to do anything. Ha-ha! Just as well, probably. It was so lovely just to see him and hang out and stuff. 🙂

Then I had to dash off to my BFF Stephy’s b-day dinner with my other BFF “Q”. It was nice, but my stomach was not feeling good so I took it slow and made the most of it. It was super great to see Steph and her guy and just chat and chill. Haven’t done that in ages. Some quality time with her kitty Rocky was a delightful surprise, too. We all love that little guy, but he’s been very sick for quite awhile and we’re all worried about him. Got home around midnight and pretty much just crashed.

Today has been mellow…on purpose. I just need to like not do things today, ya know? I did take care of a DMV thing and applied to jobs and stuff, so I’m not completely irresponsible. But I’m still super tired and just need to take it easy and reset, so to speak. In the end it was a great time pretty much all weekend (except for those few hours of vomiting, Ha!) and I got to see so many people that I love dearly. All worth it, I’d say. Happy to be alive and well and live another day, that is for sure. 😉



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“Friends & Fun”

  1. On June 18th, 2013 at 10:35 am Elizabeth Says:

    I love reading your stories, but is there something missing from this one? You say you went up to Northern Cal for a friend’s b-day, but then it jumps in the next paragraph to some hotel being booked and you having people stay at your own place? Is it me, am I just not reading it right?

  2. On June 18th, 2013 at 2:08 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Elizabeth: Nope, you got it right. I forgot to mention that we drove back down to my neck of the woods, where the club is at. Good eye! 😉

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