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Fatshion on a Friday!


As promised, some outfit pics from my work week. These are a mix of old and new stuff, which has been quite fun!

Torrid Strapless top with faux zip front, old ass cardi with feather pin, diy heart necklace, zenni optical glasses

So this top happened and I love it! It was on clearance, which was also buy one get one half off. The cardi I got ages ago at a fat clothing swap, couldn’t tell you which one or the brand, it’s that old. I’m afraid it won’t be with me much longer. If y’all see a thin black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves, do let me know, thanks. The feather pin I got at Jo Ann’s fabrics, they always have a little section of these in fab colors for $4 or so. The necklace was also from Jo Ann’s in that I bought the pendant and silk cord there and put that shit together at home. My glasses are and I love them so much I have two back up pair. I wore this outfit with Torrid’s stiletto skinny jeans with a zip at the ankle and this sort of paisley print to them. All of my Torrid stuff is a size 4.

Oh My!


Torrid Stilleto Skinnies & Converse


Ankle Zip


Torrid Skulls Dress

I love this dress! I’ve always wanted a funky dress with skulls. It’s so cute and I adore the pastel roses combined with the black skulls (on a white background). It came with a black skinny belt that I wear under my bust. The necklace is very old Torrid (from my first Fatshionista meet up). My beloved teggings and doc martins were also part of this outfit. There was a delightful chill in the air that day and so I ended up wearing this men’s XXL hoodie I’d recently grabbed at Target. It’s thin and soft and just right for this time of year (in California). I know I’ll be living in this baby, I may even go back and get the aqua one.

Target Men's Hoodie Love

Yesterday I wore this bright fucking pink t-shirt with a giant black heart with wings on it. What you don’t see in the pic is that the heart is covered in black rhinestones so it’s mega sparkly when any light hits it, and iridescent, too. I paired the top with a Walmart XXL ladies black tank top ($4) for both modesty and comfort. The t-shirt is very thin and soft and slightly longer in the back. I wore the tank top tucked in but showing in the neckline, I liked how I looked. I’m also wearing Avenue cargo pants in a 26. I can buy any of their pants in a 26 but all of their jeans I have to go up in sizes, and I still didn’t find any that worked for me. (Don’t mind my clothes hamper…D’oh!)

Torrid top, Avenue cargo pants

I have had these Airwalks from Payless since a week after I sold my cafe (two years). They are so comfortable that I have worn them out, but I can’t bear to part with them. They’re a little thin in the sole, but they still look cute.

Old Busted Airwalks

The other night when I dropped off my pants at the alterations place at the mall I popped into JC Penny and took a look around. I ended up finding the perfect silver (tone) hoop earrings. I don’t know why this feels like a big deal, but I haven’t worn hoops since I was a teenager. I never liked how they looked on me for some reason. Funny that I used to cut cheap thin bangle bracelets and shove them through my ears in the 80’s! Ha-ha! I actually really like these and feel very ladylike and sassy and kind of really 90’s! 🙂

JCP Hoops, Old Torrid Necklace


Feelin' so...90's!

Feel free to ask questions about anything you see or read here. I did my best to describe and give info on everything, but it’s been a long week and I am sure I missed something. Ha!


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“Fatshion on a Friday!”

  1. On October 4th, 2013 at 2:41 pm Mel Says:

    I love that skull dress! I have a friend that I can see wearing it. Did you buy it recently?

  2. On October 5th, 2013 at 8:18 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Mel: I bought the skulls dress last weekend at torrid. It wasn’t on clearance but I believe it was 30%of because most of the store was. It’s a fun design

  3. On October 6th, 2013 at 12:15 am Christine Says:

    You look awesome, especially in the first punky outfit!

  4. On October 8th, 2013 at 10:16 am Alena Says:

    I love the first one especially. Congrats on your clothing score!

  5. On October 11th, 2013 at 4:46 am Christine Says:

    Completely off topic, but I couldn’t see an email address (so I don’t expect this to be published)

    You’ve talked a bit on your site about growing up poor, and the relationship with food. is a food/cooking blog from Jack Munro who ended up having to feed her and her son on £10 a week after she had to give up her job to look after her son. She posts up recipes on her site (and has been picked up by a newspaper and a book deal – mostly because she has become a vocal anti-poverty campaigner) trying to balance out nutritious meals for little cost. I love the fact that she is such a joyous foodie despite working with such a restricted budget.

    This probably isn’t your thing for your blog, but you might find somewhere you could post it where it could be useful for people?

    Much love <3

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