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Fatshion: Date Night!


Last night was a date night. My boyfriend text the night before that he missed me and that he wanted to get together (*Squee*). I knew time would be limited and figured it’d be just dinner. I had a lot going on yesterday applying for jobs and getting some other things in order (laundry, etc). I knew which dress I wanted to wear, but I would need to alter the straps so my entire bra wouldn’t show in back. I’d actually already altered this dress and the straps but not enough. I got out my sewing basket and sewing machine and grabbed the dress and then…D’oh! I lost my seam ripper! (I will be buying a new one or two today!)

As I was getting ready, I headed to my closet to rummage through my dresses. “What to wear?!?!” I wanted something comfortable, not too dressy, but that I wouldn’t feel the need to wear teggings underneath. I pulled out this Eshakti Candy Sprinkles dress that I’ve had for a very long time but had never actually worn. I’d been “saving” it for a special occasion. Well, fuck it! I wore the damned thing. Actually, I tried it on (as I have a dozen times before) and felt at a loss on how to accessorize and turn it into an actual outfit. Then something magical happened! Random shit! Ha-ha!

With the dress on I grabbed a necklace or three and none worked. Then I realized, it needed a belt! It needed a little something to make it look more finished. I had bought a dress at Target for $8 a year ago that came with this skinny bright blue belt (that actually matches my current purse perfectly!) and randomly tried it on. It was just right! Next, simple but elegant accessories! Delicate gold butterfly necklace my sister gave me ages ago, fake/cheapy rhinestone stud earrings and a silver and gold tone bracelet I’d recently thrifted. Nice! But wait?!?! SHOES?!?!?!

There is something to be said about a femme with a healthy shoe collection! I rocked that shit! Ha-ha! For real, though. I had the most perfect pair of shoes for this dress and didn’t even know it. My first thought was brown flats or doc martens. Boo! No! Boring! Then they peaked out at me from the bottom shelf of my shoe rack. These cheap-ass flats I’d gotten on eBay last year. What?! I’d never even worn them before, but not only were they perfect in colors but they were hella comfy, too! Win!

When I looked in the mirror when it was all said and done, I could’t help but smile and be proud of this shit! Why had I waited so long to wear this awesome dress?! Actually, the pics don’t do it justice. The fabric is soft and nearly silky feeling. The puff sleeves have rutching up the sides that I love (rutched with elastic so no weirdness). The dress came with a plain brown slip since the outer fabric is sheer, that has an elastic waist. The waist, which is really under bust for me, is also elastic. Also the dress fits me really well and it makes me feel pretty silly that I waited so long to wear it out. And the first thing he said when I opened the door, “Wow, look at your nice dress!” Ha-ha!

Yes, I dress up for our dates. I don’t have to, he wouldn’t give two shits, but I like to. I’m dating a geek, so it’s always awesome tees and pants or cargo shorts for him, but I like showing him my ultra femme side when I can. I enjoy getting ready for him and take my time in doing so. I don’t always feel the need, but sometimes getting dolled up is it’s own self-care ritual for me. I love that! (Also, my hair turned out accidentally awesome! I just sort of did it without looking in the mirror. So, yay!)

And now for the (cell phone) pics!!!

Eshakti Candy Sprinkles Dress


Candy Sprinkles + Belt
Cheap Shoes Win
Accidentally Awesome Hair
(No product or nothing! Who knew this was possible?!)

I’m one helluva happy, geeky-gal!

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