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Fat Hate Is Unjust & Dangerous


I was really upset when I read this article about the Scott sisters. I have been following their case for a few months now via Hard Knock Radio and in my opinion they didn’t even commit the crime that they were sentenced for. They have been serving time for something they in fact did not do! 16 years is a long fucking time to be behind bars, especially when you have health problems. I am trying to come up with the words, but shit! They won’t even test them for compatibility for the kidney transplant until one quits smoking and they each lose a substantial amount of weight. WTF?! Obviously Jamie Scott is in dire need of the transplant or it wouldn’t be an issue, but to not even test for compatibility? That is some heavy bullshit right there! She want to have WLS but her doctors don’t think she’s healthy enough. WTF?! They want her to lose 100 lbs before even trying to find a kidney for her. She is 5 feet tall and 254 pounds. While her sister, who has been asked to lose 60 lbs, is 4 feet 9 inches tall and 184 pounds. Is it just me or does this seem like a ridiculous thing? To hold a woman’s life on the line for some assholes to push their dieting lies?! What kills me is this quote, “If Jamie Scott doesn’t lose weight now, doctors have told her that she is putting her heart at risk.” ACK! I don’t have the words or the spoons or the sanity points for this today. But damn! This is a crazy fucked up world we live in, y’all!


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