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“Fat Girls Are Easy”


In regards to this post Socially Fat , it was recommended by a great friend and commenter that I x-post to an LJ community. I did and the response was an impressive tale of online dating adventures and failures (not on the part of the responder, mind you). She mentions that many guys she met were under the impression that “Fat Girls Are Easy.” Of course the first thing that came to mind was the fabulously cheesy 1989 film “Earth Girls Are Easy.” I know, it wasn’t intended and I know what she means as I have encountered this way of thinking myself in various moments of my life. But then I began to see some strange parallels. Forgive my tangent, but I think I have something here…

Man, I love that movie! I could not tell you how many times I’ve seen it if I tried. And I was a valley girl, still am I guess. I mean, if I get particularly excited about something, I slip right back into the verbiage and everything. Just need to Aquanet my bangs, put on the jelly bracelets and I am there! Ha! I had wanted to be a hair stylist back then, too. Though I also was convinced I’d be the greatest Pop star ever “Blaze” was going to be my stage name. Ugh! *bows head in shame*

The movie was about a gal whose relationship is falling apart after she catches her doctor boyfriend sleeping with a female nurse. And hilarity ensues, but then it doesn’t. This movie is truly about a girl who has been betrayed by the man she loves and at first she wants him back, that is until she meets three fine strangers who distract her and show her that there’s more to life than some jerk of a boyfriend. Her BFF played by Julie Brown (not the “Downtown” one, either, the Original!) is there to help her along the way and give the three strangers a brilliant valley-esque makeover. The result? More hilarity but also a slowly brewing romance.

One could easily compare the “aliens” to fats in this plot. You see, a fat in a valley dating scenario would easily be considered alien. And certainly any salon-a-tron would jump at the chance to makeover a fatty! Always seems to be someone around to transform a fatty, be it on t.v. or movies or what have you. There was nothing wrong with the strangers when they arrived, but in this valley world they simply don’t fit in. So they emerge as the salon-a-tron’s ultimate success as these hairless, hipster dorks (in my opinion). Suddenly the main gal played by Geena Davis in full glam valley-osity, sees them in a whole new light! Suddenly these strangers/aliens/fatties are A-OK because they fit in her version of the norm.

This film makes no bones about the fact that the women in this “valley” are quick to bed only the hottest of hotties and thus you see many a scene of flirtation and so on. Everything seems to revolve around sex, even when it doesn’t. While Geena Davis’ character seems a bit on the light-headed side, she does “get it” eventually and beds Jeff Goldblum’s character. After which she is of course in love and cannot be without him. Because, of course, sex = love for ladies, right? Um, not exactly.

Here’s the thing, everyone is an individual. Every person is a multi-faceted personality with varying emotions and experiences and thoughts. Amazingly, this applies to fatties, too! Yep! Incredibly, just like “normal” gals, fatties, too have different ideas and experiences and feelings on any given subject. And when it comes to sex? Yeah, we’re not all the same in that arena either. I have actually been both the prude and the slut in my lifetime and now fall somewhere in between. I’m a unique individual. Fun! I get to have my own ideas and opinions and go about my life in a different way (than most).

So, when I heard this “Fat Girls Are Easy” thing again I thought about it awhile. And just like a lot of people think that blonds are dumb and redheads are feisty (I so f-ing hate that stereotype, yo!) fatties are not necessarily easy. YOU GUYS!!! Fatties are unique individuals, too! Being fat is no more or less a descriptor than being tall or having long hair. Yet somewhere along the way in our civilization (or more to the point U.S. society) fatties have become the aliens and must be changed! They must fit into some pre-labeled concept of we just can’t deal as a society.

Well, FUCK THAT! I refuse to fit into any category. Wait! Unless Bad-Ass-Punk-Fat-Awesome is a category? No? Okay, then FUCK THAT! Ha-ha! I won’t compare anyone to a fucking snow flake, but dude! DUDE! We are all unique, no two are alike and while we may have some traits in common with someone else, just being fat does not make me or anyone else a slut by proxy! Yes, I’ve been treated like a one night stand when all I was looking for was love. Yes, I’ve treated guys like a one night stand when they just wanted to get to know me better. This doesn’t mean anything about anyone else but me. I hate to keep harping on this, buy you guys? This stereotype won’t kill itself. We have to actively remind people that not only are we human, but we are our own people and can make our own choices. DAMN!

Thanks for hanging in there for my “Earth Girls Are Easy” comparison. Hopefully it came across as intended.

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““Fat Girls Are Easy””

  1. On July 19th, 2010 at 9:11 pm Erin Marie Says:

    Great post! I stuck with you through the ‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ comparison and I think I got it in the end! 😉

    As a lifelong fatty, this really resonated with me. I spent a lot of my early twenties with my legs crossed because I didn’t want to give substance to this stereotype about fat girls being easy. Then I flirted briefly with the idea that I am my own person and if sex is an important way for me to express myself, then I should just allow myself to do that, which (initially) worked out well. But then, just when I started to enjoy myself, I ended up curled in a ball crying after a wonderful time with a man, hating myself for allowing myself that pleasure.

    Gah! Complexity! I hate it!

    I’m slowly coming to terms with being an ‘out and proud’ fatty who is comfortable and confident with her sexuality… but you’re right – it’s a myth that only we can bust by pointing out that each person is individual.

  2. On July 20th, 2010 at 9:00 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Thank you for reading & commenting. I think everyone deals with it differently, too. It certainly helps to hear you’re not the only one who has. But I have to say when reading your comment, I thought to myself, “Oh, at least she had a grea night, too bad it ended poorly, but it was still lgood, right?” It tough to shift your mind to the positive. I used to be this very dark and depressed person. No fun to be around I can assure you. Then one day I realized that it’s a choice. No matter what life throws at me now? I just smile and shrug it off or take it on immediately. It’s all in how you manage I guess. Thanks again!

  3. On July 20th, 2010 at 2:33 pm j. Says:

    Not having seen the movie, like I just said, I was still able to follow your comparison, having seen enough cheesy 80’s movies to last a lifetime.
    Good post!

  4. On July 20th, 2010 at 3:28 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Yay! Thanks!

  5. On July 20th, 2010 at 2:40 pm P Says:

    If believe your idea came across just fine. I don’t know if having seen the movie has anything to do with that or not, but I got it. On the editing side of things though, I would definitely proof read before you post. Also, I would make sure to spell people’s names correctly if you are going to use them in your posts; i.e. Geena and Goldblum. Liked this post though. I want to see the movie again now.

  6. On July 20th, 2010 at 3:28 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Oh, I usually do, but you’re right I don’t think I proof read that one. It was quite a flow I had going. Ha-ha! Thanks for letting me know. How embarrassing. I wanna see it, too! From the beginning! We can sing-a-long the blond song!

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