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Ew, E.W., just Eww!


I am a subscriber to Entertainment Weekly. I don’t read any of the usual celebrity gossip mags, but this one I feel covers a lot of bases, is short & simple and keeps me in the loop in the entertainment world. I usually get quite a kick out of it. However, this last week’s issue? Not so much. You see, there was a little blip/sideline at the bottom of  a page in the TV section talking about dream t.v. show crossovers. Several shows were mentioned, but of course my eyes were drawn to the only two shows listed that I actually watch: The Big Bang Theory (LOVE this show & still crush hard on Johnny Galeki) and Mike & Molly, which I know is overall a terrible show that perpetuates a lot of dieting myths and fat hate, but I like Melissa McCarthy so friggin’ much it’s hard not to watch it. Ugh! But this little sidebar dream crossover thing? Well, the first two shows mentioned were these two shows! The problem? Their dream crossover plot: “While Mike & Molly are visiting Molly’s pal Penny at The Cheesecake Factory and run into Leonard, Raj, Howard & Sheldon who offer to devise a sciencey way for them to eat unlimited desserts without gaining weight. Fortunately Sheldon’s grueling battery of tests causes Mike & Molly so much stress they wind up losing their appetites forever.”

WTF?! Really, E.W.? That’s your dream crossover plot? UGH! Those two shows don’t even exist on the same plane. BBT is by far the better show and certainly the character of Sheldon would not give a flying leap about weight loss or dieting much less helping a specific person. Ridiculous! And? Fat hating! DOY!

**Also, a big fat BOO! to The Big Bang Theory! When the guys were at the comic store in yesterday’s episode, Leonard asks Stuart, the store’s owner (played by Kevin Sussman) if he has a girlfriend, to which he says yes but then goes on to say, “She’s horrible. When she wants to have sex, she puts on her plus sized Wonder Woman costume, and asks who wants to ride her invisible plane.” UGH! Really? We never see this girlfriend or hear anything else about her looks, so why throw in the plus size reference? I know it’s not a major offense, but it is pointless and adds nothing to the story/character/plot at all.

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“Ew, E.W., just Eww!”

  1. On October 22nd, 2010 at 12:06 pm Moe Says:

    OMG! I love (LOVE IT) the BBT but that fat joke really annoyed me. There were so many hidden references in that tiny comment. It really jolted me from my usual enjoyment of the show. I hope the fat jokes are not going to be a recurring theme this year.

  2. On October 22nd, 2010 at 12:18 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Yes, I was suddenly jolted out of the fantasy that is that show. Maybe I’m childish in this sense, but when I’m watching something I like to forget myself entirely into it, ya know? So yeah, that half-mention of “plus size Wonder Woman costume” while not exactly a joke at all did just snap me out of my fantasyland. *sigh* It better not become the norm. I mean, Sara Rue was Leonard’s GF for awhile there and they made zero mention of her pre-Jenny Craig size. Thanks for reading & commenting! =0)

  3. On October 23rd, 2010 at 2:40 pm Kathy Says:

    I had the same reaction to that “dream crossover” bit. Yuk! I’m still trying to give Mike and Molly a chance, and one thing I do like about the show is that they are not obessed with food. The writesr could do alot of “cheating on their diets” episodes and jokes, but neither Mike nor Molly has ever given me the impression they dream of everlasting desserts that don’t make them gain weight. And the BBT theory joke; why was it necessary to mention the Wonder Woman outfit was “plus-sized”? It was already mentioned that the guy met her at Comic Con; the joke was that she was such a geek that she would have a Wonder Woman costume. The Plus sized bit was unnecessary.

  4. On October 24th, 2010 at 5:18 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    But they do make it out like Mike is always food obsessed, at least it seems to me. With his partner giving him a hard time; plus the waiter at the diner. I still don’t love that show, but there is something there.

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