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Distraction in Action


The last few weeks I have been busy as a bee interviewing for all the jobs! I have also been spending a lot of time in my head, for better or worse. Mostly just processing things and supporting friends and doing my best to be better support to myself. I am in a good place, mentally and emotionally, even physically I feel pretty great lately. I have also gone on a few dates, even got stood up once. While I’m perfectly good with being single, and have immediate hopes or plans for changing that, it’s been a nice distraction from the day to day.

Because I don’t have a daily routine as a job would require, I haven’t been wearing makeup except for interviews and dates. I enjoy the process of putting on makeup. I like the time and attention of just focusing on one thing, and the end result is FABULOUS! I also enjoy the process of getting to know folks through dating apps. I know it’s not for everyone, but I find people interesting, for the most part.

I’m just me, interview or date or not. I don’t get nervous about such things anymore. I just show up open to whatever happens. I have my own set of personal rules in any scenario and they keep me safe and sane. I’ve enjoyed some great conversations and have learned a lot. Even when things don’t work out, I don’t take it personally. This is a huge step for me! Ha-ha!

I had been forgetting to take pics of my outfits before interviews and dates. Last night I had a 4 hour interview, followed by what turned in to a 4 hour date. One of my rules is to end a date on the 3 hour mark even if things are great. It keeps things exciting but not exhausting, often I don’t have to check the time and things wind down naturally. Last night that was not the case and I broke two more of my personal rules and I am glad that I did! (I don’t give out my number until the second date and I don’t get into someone else’s car until I know them and am comfortable with them.)

This time I remembered to snap a few selfies in between interview and date since I was keeping the same outfit on and my makeup didn’t require a touch up. I’m glad that I did! I might be in love with my double chin as a result! Ha-ha! This dress is my interview staple. It’s whimsical, professional, colorful and genuinely makes people happy when they see it. It’s from Eshakti and was my birthday gift to myself this past year. I get stopped on the street by strangers when I wear this dress, so it feels lucky. I had never worn it on a date until last night, though. It worked out great!

We met up at a loca museum and as we were winding down our art perusal, I asked my great date to snap a pic of me in front of The Gates of Hell, by Rodin. I LOVE THIS PIC!!! And I may now be a fan of Rodin. We found a bust he created that looked as if Patrick Stewart and Putin had a love child. Ha-ha! Also found a small but full body sculpture of Balzac that looked exactly like one of my all time favorite british actors, Matt Berry. It was a great date!

So great that neither of us really wanted it to end when the museum closed, so we headed to the cheesecake factory nearby for drinks…but then they insisted I eat and that they pay. I was very upfront about my feelings and situation (financially and being a feminist), but they instantly understood and genuinely wanted to just continue chatting. It was a blast! I’d never had someone open up to me so quickly! We talked about some heavy stuff, but we just clicked and that’s rad. I told them about my 3 hour rule and we both laughed when we realized it had already been 4. Rules are made to be broken, I suppose. We have another date next week to check out the second building of the museum we didn’t get to catch this time.

My interview yesterday also went really well. It’s hard to tell with these things, but I was able to offer some specific suggestions on how they might improve and streamline some of their current software and processes. They seemed impressed, but I no longer get any hopes up for jobs or dates. Ha! I loved seeing the office, though. They had this gorgeous saltwater aquarium in their waiting area I could have watched for hours. The culture there seemed like a great fit for me, but again, who knows?!

I don’t really have a point to this post, but just wanted to share what I’ve been up to and the ridiculousness of life and my adorbz double chin and that I’m still here. Thank you so much for reading. I had hoped to get some content suggestions through a survey but didn’t get but one response. So please comment! And as always…

Rad Fatty Love to ALL,


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