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Did Obama get my memo?


Because the way he has been straight shootin’ lately has got me semi-impressed! While I didn’t actually watch his state of the union address, I did see a lot of clips and was happy to see some serious talk to congress, the senate and the supreme court justices. And then to see the clips of his luncheon talk with the GOP? Excellent!!! We need more of this…like every day! I was quite sick of his seeming waffling on the health care stuff among other things. I still wish he would have just said, “Here’s my health care reform!” signed it and told everyone else to fuck off! Because what is on the table now is awful and weak. I don’t know that it will help anyone at this point. If you missed that GOP talk, please check it out on the Daily Show (because I have such little time to get this stuff else where) and relish in the beautiful thruths being told to blatently ignorant republicans. It starts at the 2:08 mark and I think it ends a little after the 8:00 minute mark. It is fab! (And I would love to hear your thoughts after you watch, please comment.)

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