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Dear Companies Selling “Healthy” Stuff…


 (Text in image reads: Dear muffin top, I want to break up. I’m seeing NatureBox. It’s not me, it’s you.)


This is not how you sell things, folks. You don’t shame people, or their body parts, in order to sell your goods.There is a reason I have a bumper sticker that reads, “Love Your Muffintop” on my car. I’m sick of people and companies demonizing specific body parts. I’m sick of seeing or hearing that if I buy XYZ that I will no longer possess said body part. No thanks! It’s one of the biggest issues I have with PETA (though I have a lot of problems with them, the fat hating bastards). I have been a vegan and a vegetarian and guess what? STILL FAT!!!
Eating healthy is great, I won’t ever knock it. But insisting a product or service will miraculously eliminate a part of someone’s body is just wrong. Not only is it wrong, it’s outright lies! I love all the parts of my body and need them to live! What’s that you say? I don’t need a muffin top to live? Perhaps not, but in this body I do. In this life I do. And I don’t want anyone telling me to “break up” with a part of my body. 

Sell your healthy stuff on its own merits and goodness. Try selling it based on it’s flavor and how it makes someone feel! Don’t bully people, don’t be mean, don’t be rude…don’t be a jerk! Some would certainly find this whole “break up” thing cute and harmless, but I don’t. And I’m certain others won’t either. In fact, I happen to know of a few fellow fat activists who actually do subscribe to that box and I would be interested to hear their reactions to it. 
Curious, though, I did read the comments (I never read the comments! Ha!). But I was delighted to find this little gem:
I’m in a longterm relationship with my muffin top, thank you! And we’re both deliriously happy together!
And that made me smile! Out of 115 comments, that was the only one that was actually positive (in my opinion and I had to “like” it, too).
And then my good friend, Tigress pointed out that it’s wearing the wrong size or style of pants that creates that “muffin top” look anyway:
“Dear Muffin Top, I know it’s not your fault that I have created you by wearing pants that don’t fit me right just so I can say the number on the tag is a smaller size, but instead of blaming myself and buying the right clothes, I blame you!” (insert eye roll here)
I love her sense of humor!
Kath of FatHeffalump responded with, Dear Muffin Top, you are the most delicious bit of the muffin. Come here and let me nom on you!”
What do you think of this type of advertising? How would you prefer this type of thing be marketed to you? What do you do when you see this type of ad?

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