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Day Off…


I usually have stuff to do or commitments to attend to on my days off, but today? It was all mine, baby! I’ve been pretty sad the last couple of days/nights and knew I needed to snap myself out of it somehow. So what did I do? Self-care! Oh yeah! It has been a long time since I’ve done anything to truly make myself feel good.

I hadn’t really shared my sadness with anyone, yet when I came home last night I found these by my door from my wonderful roommate who somehow knew I needed cheering up. She’s rad!

Okay, seriously? I haven’t had a pedicure since November and had only been trimming my nails (fingers and toes) since then. No real care or polishing or anything. My natural toe nails were becoming a source of sadness and shame for me. I had left the Robin’s egg blue/green on my toes for so long that my nails turned yellow and I knew they needed to grow out. Winter made that an easier choice, of course. But the weather has been gorgeous here this week and so I felt compelled to make my adorable little toes pretty again.

I fucking love that little nail stamper set I got on eBay! It makes it look almost as good as my $30 pedicures used to! I trimmed, filed, pumiced, buffed and polished these little babies and I’m so happy with my work. I usually hate fussing with my toe nails and always feel unsatisfied with the results…not today! Squee! I’m very proud of myself for not allowing so many past disappointments keep me from accomplishing what I thought was impossible. Look, I know it’s just a pedicure, but it’s also important to me. I don’t really even know why. I think part of it is finally embracing my femme-ness and seeing that with practice I actually can get the same (or close) result as paying a professional to do it. Broke girls gotta do what they can with what they’ve got on hand! 😉

I also had a phone interview today for a position I super want! It was fantastic! I’ve never had an interviewer say “Perfect” after my answers so many times. Wow! Now I just gotta wait for them to call and schedule the in-person interview and then it’s all on me…I got this! (This pic not from today, but I kind of love it…)

When I got up this morning I wasn’t sure what the fuck I wanted to wear. I’ve been going back and forth between mega schlubby and pretty dang dressed up. Since my jeans were dirty and I couldn’t wear socks anyway (wet toes!) I went with a combination of items that I haven’t worn before or only once. I slid on some back teggings (my beloved!) and fancied giving my favorite skirt another shot. I just can’t figure out skirts, man! I don’t know why. I like them in theory, but putting the right top with said skirt is tough for me. It just never looks right. But today, my friends…I gave zero fucks and just rocked it! I wish I had a full outfit pic for you, but alas, my camera is dead and my phone just doesn’t do the job without a second person around. Boo!

Since I chose a top I’d only worn once and forgot that it’s super low cut, but I thought, “Hey! I finally have a reason to wear one of the two fabulous bandeau tops I bought from!!!” I have been telling people about the site and Shawna’s awesome fatshions, but hadn’t had the chance to wear or show anyone. So I put on the nude one with black lace overlay and TAD-AH! Perfection! I’m very happy with this randomly put together outfit. And the bandeau top? LOVE IT!

It’s so comfortable and just stays in place. It doesn’t have straps, that’s my bra, but I think it looks great! I will say that this was a custom one, my other is as well (plain black knit). Shawna was so sweet and patient and amazing and affordable and awesome!!! THANK YOU SHAWNA!!! <3  I highly encourage you to check out her site:
She did not pay me or offer me free fatshions (though, seriously, feel free, Gorgeous!), this is just my genuine review and love of an independent fatshion designer. Woo!

Yeah…it may be Wednesday, but I’m feeling great! I even opened up the curtains and window in my bedroom, watered my poor dear plants and am enjoying the freedom today has provided. The sun is shining, I’m fully and happily caffeinated and after the kick ass phone interview? I’m just stoked about the future, yo!

I wish you much love and time for self care in any/all forms. I hope that you can find whatever it is you need to accept and love you. I wish I could stop holding myself back so damned much, it ain’t worth it.
Rad Fatty Love to you ALL!



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“Day Off…”

  1. On March 14th, 2013 at 4:50 pm Erika Says:

    You have a great smile. I love what you did with your toes. 😀

    I can’t remember the last time I took a day off from work to just do whatever. I may have to do that soon.

  2. On March 14th, 2013 at 4:57 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Erika: thank you! Well, I’m only working part time, so right now I have a lot of time. Ha ha!

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