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Cupcakes & Muffintops 2016


What a weekend! It all felt like a whirlwind and yet not really. I was so excited for Cupcakes & Muffintops I gave myself a new manicure on Thursday with a cupcake on my ringer finger nails! Ha-ha! It was quite a hit at the office on Friday! IMG_20160812_114651

Saturday morning arrived and I had the most gorgeous sleep in! Ah! So needed! Then it was a quick hustle and bustle to get ready and to pick up Tigress at work before heading to the main event! I don’t think we’d had much of a chance to catch up since last seeing each other at the Big Moves dance show back in June! It was my first week at my new job, so a lot has happened since then. We got there soon enough and were greeted by a good friend and fat community alum, Carol, attempting to leave. Selfies and chats and hugs and fun! This is fat community, baby!


Once inside it was a bit overwhelming. In a new venue with more room and accessibility, but still packed to the gills with tables of fabulous fat fashions and gorgeous fatties everywhere! It’s so easy to fall into conversations with folks holding items up to get a closer look or upon themselves to gauge fit or style. Lots of “Does this work?” or “How is this color on me?” came from myself as well. I rarely wear yellow but did get talked into a 3/4 sleeve yellow tunic with pockets…POCKETS! Big selling point, I must say!

Once I’d nearly given up my search, Tigress handed me an Igigi Maxi dress in a black and fuschia print I just couldn’t pass up. Then one of the volunteers held up a mega cute pastel striped dress that had my mouth agape! She smiled big and instantly handed it to me! I was shocked! Surely anyone would have coveted that dress, but she handed it to me and I headed straight for the fitting room to try it! It fit lovely, but was way too tight in the sleeves. No bother! I shall cut them off without a care! Perfect for summer and come fall I can pair it with a cute cardigan for sure!

Another lightweight cotton sundress was discovered by me and quickly thrown over my arm-pile of keepers, and then Tigress held up another gem which I quickly snagged without even wanting to try it on. At this point I decided enough was enough and got in line to pay for my new finds. In total I was lucky enough to grab 4 dresses and the one tunic top, plus a “Love Your Muffintop” screen printed onto a vintage hostess half apron for $35! What a steal!

Next Tigress and I headed over to the bake sale table! I just couldn’t decide and ended up with a few tiny little things to taste and try and delight over. It was so hot inside though, that I went in search of some water. Luckily there were a couple of drinking fountains near the fitting rooms and this is where I lay down my new loot and chugged a bunch of water! I ate my sweet nibbles and chatted with a couple of fatties until Tigress joined me and we made our way towards the exit. Though of course we run into none other than Marilyn Wan right outside! Of course we hugged and hello’d and it was so nice to see everyone!

I received many comments, compliments and demands upon finding out the brand and source of my outfit. It was that very morning that I got my new Beth Ditto “Eat Your Makeup” top in the mail and knew I HAD to wear it! Paired with an old Target black skirt, black teggings and a red elastic Torrid belt from a few years ago, but much cherished. It was a fun outfit! I am in love with that new top! I almost wish I could get another identical just to prolong it’s wearable life. *Sigh*


I am glad that I didn’t go too overboard, but I won’t lie, I was slightly disappointed in the amount on offer. I usually find at least one Eshakti dress, but I found none. Then again, I had wanted to get there right at the beginning and ended up getting there a half hour later. Traffic! Oh well. I’m quite happy with what I did find and can’t wait to wear it all. It was so great to see rad fatties I hadn’t in ages and to catch up with Tigress in the car on the drive over. The best part though is getting to see fatties who have never attended and are participating for the first time. The joy on their faces, the wonder and awe our rad community inspires, it’s priceless!

Rad Fatty Love,

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