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Crazy for Terrariums!


I know! They’re popping up everywhere: Terrariums! These little green garden delights are all the rage and it’s just too easy and cute not to get one for yourself!

From Terrarium, simulating a dry habitat, for instance desert or savannah. A terrarium can also be formed to create a temperate woodland habitat. This can be created with pebbles, leaf litter, and soil. By misting the terrarium, a natural water cycle occurs within the environment by condensation forming on the lid causing precipitation. Plants suitable for this type of terrarium environment include moss and tree seedlings.

I bought a DIY kit from a seller on for my husband’s birthday and it was so easy to do! She sent me the kit and all I had to do was pick the receptacle (pretty glass container of some sort) and follow the simple instructions! And I even had enough moss and stuff left over to make one for myself! And I love it! It hasn’t died yet and maintenance is a cinch!

You see, I have always thought of myself as having a brown thumb (as in not green). We would even tell our houseplants they weren’t mine so they wouldn’t immediately jump ship and die. Sad, but true. I’ve lost many a beloved plant due to it’s realization that I was it’s caretaker. *sigh* I’ll never forget the gorgeous Hydrangea B’s mama had given me. It was blue with purplish tips and it had four big stalks with big balls of flowers…so lovely. Yeah, it died a slow and painful death. No matter what I did it only made it worse.

Are you terrible with plants? There is hope! Terrariums can be any size and the container options are truly endless! You can keep one on your desk at work, your home, or even around your neck or shoved in a book! Don’t believe me? Check it out:

1                                   2                                          *3

Live Moss Charm Necklace  Miniature Moss Garden Bookmark Upcycled Terrarium Bracelet Moss Watch 

                        4                                5                                   6                           

THINK GREEN Lightbulb Moss Terrarium INTERNATIONAL The Secret Garden Moss Terrarium Globe INTERNATIONAL kit Squatty Terrarium with Red Roof Birdhouse Live Moss 

7                               8

Groovy 1970 Inspired Live Moss Terrarium Moss Terrarium , FAIRY Garden in a Jar with Handmade Mushrooms

Or perhaps you’d prefer the more elegant approach?


Moss Terrarium   An Elegant gift from Nature

While most do have a woodland theme (my fave!) your accessorizing options are also open! Just think of a theme or message or just random cool little things and you’ve got the coolest DIY thingamajig around!

Let your imagination soar and be the envy of all your friends or officemates with these lush beauties! And did I mention how easy they are to care for? Just aspritz of water every few days and a bit of sunshine and that is it! However, not all terrariums are the same so please consult the seller or look up the type of moss you’re caring for online for actual care instructions.

10                                 11                                12              

Stackables Set of 2 Moss Terrariums, Moss Garden in a jar The Toadstool's Moss Garden Sphere - Large Fairy Toadstool Moss Terrarium 

13                                14                          15

Lichen Love Blue on Blue Bonsai - Wire Tree Terrarium Accent - Hand Sculpted Leaves - Tree for Moss Terrarium The Hedgehog Terrarium

And if you still don’t trust yourself ot care for a living thing, they have “preserved” ones for you…no care required!


Preserved Terrarium, no care required

I was quite impressed with these:

                             17                                   18                                  

Zen Garden Terrarium with Moss Inside of a Vintage Glass Box with Etched Butterfly  Moss Zen Terrarium Garden in Beautiful Stained Glass Box 


 Zen Garden Terrarium   Mosses and Rocks  Soothing Garden With Candle

I thought that they evoked more of a show piece vibe.

Do you own a terrarium? Have you made one? Let me know!!!



*3.)[]=tags&includes[]=title *Watch also requires no care as dried moss was used.

















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“Crazy for Terrariums!”

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    Ohhh! I love these!!

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    OOps, that was me – steph

  3. On July 20th, 2009 at 4:06 pm wakkosfriend Says:

    This was a very neat post. Some of these are genius. I love the watch. Some were super cute like the one with red mushrooms.

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