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Color Themed Post: RED!


So sorry I’ve been MIA lately, babies. I’ve been cutting my way through all of the red tape involved in opening my own business (cafe) like Uma Thurman slicing through her enemies in  both “Kill Bill” movies!

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Due to this, I give you a color themed post: RED

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I love red flowers, especially gerber daisies! They say so much, silently!

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I’m not one for spicy foods, but I’ve recently grown fond of small doeses of hotter peppers. Training the pallette is such fun!

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I love the look of a glass of red wine. I’ve yet to find one I love, but the hunt is the best part, darlings!

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While not my favorite of the berry world, raspberries mixed with other ingredients give a depth I didn’t know existed.

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My favorite fruit by far! Tomatoes are sensual and healthful and gorgeous! The smell of just the leaves puts me right into my grandma’s backyard garden!

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The red panda! So cute! And hey, we share hair color!

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I used to have these bottle-brush bushes in my backyard growing up. I like how they look, but love how they attract hummingbirds!

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My fave cocktail as of late: The Cape Cod! Part cranberry juice part vodka, you feel as though you’re drinking healthfully when you’re really just drinking!

Me Pomp

C’est Moi! It took me most of my life to embrace, let alone love, my red hair. When you’re made fun of for something for so long you grow to hate it. But I gave up dying my hair the colors of the rainbow ages ago and now feel my flaming mane is worthy of it being my signature trait.

Peace, love and prosperity to you all.

Thanks for reading.



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“Color Themed Post: RED!”

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  2. On August 8th, 2009 at 3:32 pm admin Says:

    Thank you! I’m so flattered you think so. *blushes* =0)

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