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Two Fabulous Blogs & One Fun Q & A


First thing’s first! The blogs!!! I had the unbelievable pleasure of meeting two great ladies yesterday. And guess what? They both have blogs full of fattitude!

Please give some love to:  &

And I love a good Q & A so I took the liberty of snagging this one from

1. If you didn’t have to work or go to school, how would you choose to spend your time?

I would love to travel, but that would mean being away from my husband (he doesn’t like to travel) and our companion animals. I may take a trip or two on my own or with friends and then try to settle a bit before going back to any type of routine. I guess in the end though, I would really like to help the fat/size/body acceptance community & movement along as best I can. It means a lot to me as it has helped me so very much in my own life. I am not sure what that would look like, but I just want everyone in the world to know that they are worth every ounce of effort and energy in the journey to positive self acceptance. It seems so simple, but we all know it’s not. I have thought about possibly starting some sort of outreach program, but I’d have to do a lot of research first. Ha-ha!

2. Do you have a lucky piece of clothing? (e.g. lucky socks)

Hmmm, I’m not sure I have anything “lucky” at the moment. I definitely have a bunch of favorite items that I wear endlessly. Like the carrot-leaf-pearl necklace my very good friend bought me when I opened my cafe, I wear it nearly every day. And my growing collection of big wooden laser-cut earrings. Guess nothing lucky though.

3. What is your least favorite food?

Least? Wow! Oh! I know! Eggplant, yellow mustard and lima beans. I know, silly stuff to hate so much, but you know, I keep trying them and realizing that yes, I do hate them. Ha-ha!

4. What is one thing you absolutely must do before you die?

Oh I like this one! I must sing in a band at least for on live gig. It’s been a dream since High School or earlier and now I am just determined to do it. Even if I have to do everything myself, hire musicians and do it that way. I would of course prefer to meet awesome people and go the old school route, but it just needs to happen, so I won’t be too picky!

5. Should fashion be taken seriously?

Yes, but not too seriously! I am certainly not for starting an actual fashion police. I think it’s fabulous when items are mis-matched to a ridiculour or over-the-top way. But I tend to find glamor in things much less than what most would consider glamorous. I love fashion, but I also don’t live for it. I just enjoy finding my own style and staying true to me and right now that means comfort is the priority.

6. What triggered your decision to begin loving and accepting your body?

I was sick of hearing it’s not okay to be fat, that it’s a disease or something to be fought in a war. That combined with being surrounded by office gals on weight watchers and such and hearing them compete in how little they ate each day. It makes me sick! I knew I was ready to get off of the hamster wheel, but wasn’t sure how until I discovered FA (Fat Acceptance) through a BUST magazine article on the U.K. Chubsters ( a fatty gang). I never looked back!

7. What are you passionate about?

Life! It sounds cliche, but it’s the truth. I find that with every passing year there is more to love in the world. The more I learn and grow and see the more I realize that life is full of excitement and mystery and fabulous nature and beyond. Okay, so I’m a hippie at heart! Ha-ha! You caught me!

8. Have you ever considered quitting blogging? If so, why?

I have and I have also stopped for awhile. Mostly because I lose steam or inspiration. I’m an artist in many things and I follow my inspirations where they lead me. I am at their whim, so to speak. So, when one well dries up I move on to the next. I may be post crazy one month and then post very little the next. I find it’s just a natural flux, but it also allows me room to breath and experience other forms of art as well.

Snark, Randomness & More!


Okay, so on the “Snark” thing, I don’t really want to snark about anything specific, I am just still sleepy and a tad cranky and I just love the word “Snarky!” Ha-ha!

I love this: Your Permission Slip From The Universe

Randomly, I typed “Fat Acceptance” into google and the only ad on the page: Feminist Therapy Associates

Did you know,I Have An Etsy Shop?

It took me awhile to find him, but this used to be the blogger/founder of Fabulon! J’adore! <3 Thombeau!

A friend told be about Questionable Content and now I am obsessed! You have to read it from the beginning. It’s magical! And this sums up how I felt on Saturday night:

Awkward Zone Print

My friend Jery has a fab blog about our local arts scene, theater, movie reviews and so much more. He does a podcast, too! Check it out here

What do you like to read about on Twitter? I’ve been on Twitter for years, but rarely use it. I follow too many people to keep up with, but I do enjoy it now. Before I just sort of ignored it. I enjoy posting things, but would love to know what people are looking for there. Thanks!

Have you heard of Current T.V.? One of my fave channels and a lot of viewer generated content. YAY!

I have had the pleasure of getting to know this amazingly talented artist, Carmen Reid. She was at first a customer at my cafe and now a good friend. She is a freelance graphic designer and enjoys taking on new and funky projects. Need her help? Find her here! I also feature some of her paintings in my cafe.

Looking for some cooking/baking inspiration? You gotta check out my friend Steph’s gluten-free blog

This website lets you create a font using your own handwriting. FUN!

Tie your shoelaces in different and fun ways!

Go on, Ask Me Anything!

“Pour Kind Over Matter”


Love this video! It features my fave quote, ever!

Pour Kind Over Matter from Kind Over Matter on Vimeo.

How To Be Alone


I just had to share this remarkable video. It makes me want to watch “You, Me & Everyone We Know” and “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Juno” and every other quirky indie movie I’ve ever seen and it just makes me smile because I’ve been going to the movies by myself for years and have always relished not having to make small talk before the movie and walking out into the afternoon light afterward is somehow magical to me.

This video makes me want to start a band called “The Cozy Sweaters” and we’d be ever so Twee!

Also, I would like a video of this nature for fats. Being alone with your fat, going out with your fat, getting to know your fat and how it feels and moves and jiggles and squishes. Going out with a strapless top or sleeveless one and not worrying about people staring…

Anyway, here is this lovely & amazing video about being alone. Don’t worry, it’s not sad at all (or blue, ha!) it’s nice:

I saw this on one of my fave blogs:

Lady Gaga: New song, “You And I”


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